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Sonar Challenge

Free game - Sonar Challenge
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In this game with excellent graphics, you are responsible for nothing more than keep the mouse in the air through football. But it's not an easy task as it may seem at first sight ...

Personal shopper

Free game - Personal shopper
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Miss this game only have just a moment until the end of working hours, and can not find a few important things. Help her find them all within the time limit. But beware, it will not be so easy, you'll also notice the little things and do not click on other things, it would give you reduced the time.

Madonna Dance Game

Free game - Madonna Dance Game
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Become a part of the show itself Madonna dancing in this game which tests your speed and observation. Can you choose the right time specified key so that Madonna still danced to the rhythm of their popular songs?

Kit & EllisScore game

Free game - Kit & Ellis
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Connection game in a little coat. In the game do not link the classic symbols that are next to each other, but they illustrate the symbols of the belt that goes to the edge of the window. The task in this game, put side by side three or more identical symbols.

TiltScore game

Free game - Tilt
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Very hilarious oddechovka that you definitely need to play. Your goal in this game is to get the ball to the designated blue spot. Move the ball by tilting board, but be careful with each level will play even harder balls will increase.
Free game - Super Mario Strikers - Heady UP
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Become known for a while and all the popular Super Mario and he will play with the ball hlavičkovanou. Your task is nenchat it not for a moment fall. The motion will then serve the arrow.

Smurf´s bakery

Free game - Smurf´s bakery
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The Smurf drop their precious bakery products. Help Smurf caught all before they fall to the ground and finally to smash.

Personal Shopper 3

Free game - Personal Shopper 3
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Personal Shopper 3 is here! Find the items again prior to the specified time limit, so that advanced to the next level. But this time you discover a dark office with only a flashlight. You must be very much mistaken in doing so, because then you can shorten the time to search. Unfortunately, the…

Reach for the Sky

Free game - Reach for the Sky
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In this game you are in school and other options you are using textbooks. What if you tried them bounce? Try to get the books that fall from the sky as possible. For their efforts, you can get different bonuses to help you get above the clouds.

Data MinerScore game

Free game - Data Miner
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In this game you will become a thief, and with the help of its long telescopic arm you try to steal items. Most frequent are taking a variety of storage media and also laptops. To get to the next round, you have as good a thief to steal things for a price!

Sobics Puzzle

Free game - Sobics Puzzle
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Find at least two groups of cubes of the same color in this interesting Fighting game. When you click on them, dice disappear. But you have a well-planned, because the aim of the game is to not one was left cube and so you must not leave alone.

Super Sister Sitter

Free game - Super Sister Sitter
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Help big sister to take care of little brother. To little boy stopped crying, you have to give him time to eat, given the correct medicine, bathe him, repackage it and save to sleep. Just everything a baby could need. You manage the care of a brother and handle calls from a friend?

Banana Monkey

Free game - Banana Monkey
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In this game you control a little monkey that collects your favorite bananas. The problem is that the dangerous snakes crawling everywhere. How many bananas can you collect before any of snake bites?

Bubble shooter

Free game - Bubble shooter
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Bubble Shooter is a classic game in which you must combine at least three same colored balls. The amount of balls on the playing field can never be so great to get to your "gun", but not so small that it no longer was nowhere to be added. When you play so not only will practice observation, but also…

AlchemystScore game

Free game - Alchemyst
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This puzzle game has absolutely nothing to do with chemistry, so if you did not have chemistry at the school much like nothing happens. This game is very similar spojovačce. Your goal in this game is always to combine three or more glasses of chemistry together. Following the merger of these bottles…

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