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Birds Town

Free game - Birds Town
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In the game you have to combine three color birds. These birds shoot from the crossbow. You need good aim to give you all the colorful birds together. Otherwise, you stretch a string consisting of birds. This chain can not get into the cage. Because there waiting for them finicky cat. So show your…

Zombie TruckScore game

Free game - Zombie Truck
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Really hilarious game that is about zombies. You're on a deserted place and suddenly appear everywhere zombies. So get on the car and driving toward a better future. But it's not so easy because you're the only ones who are alive and after all your blood going. Fortunately, you have a gun and know…

Turret Tower Attack 2Score game

Free game - Turret Tower Attack 2
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You control a guard tower where you have one weapon. Suddenly, against a lot of people will emerge and attack you. Of course it is your job to destroy all. Do not give them a chance to dispose of all as soon as possible. You will see that this game very quickly grabs. Be sure to aim well as every…

Mars Miner

Free game - Mars Miner
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In this very good strategy to get the times that we are still waiting. The country is small and you need to get on. Some have already started their business and moved to Mars. You're one of them, you go looking for happiness and fortune elsewhere. You drill your car and looking for important raw…

Pepsi pinball

Free game - Pepsi pinball
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Welcome to the Wild West a little different. Here nelítají bullets through the air, but only one bullet. And the longer it will fly, the more points you have. The game is based on the classic pinball you sure everyone played. The only interesting thing is that this game is graphically well-treated…

Factory Balls 2

Free game - Factory Balls 2
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In the game you become a manufacturer of balloons. The box will always appear an image balloon is not required to produce. Your task is to make a balloon so you have them as little blow. So would you like this balloon had a reputation to make the first attempt. To produce the balloon will always…
Free game - Around World in 80 Days
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A parade of other games that we already have here in several guises. Your goal in the game is put together as many series. Many do so to sort that side of the same symbols. Symbols can vary by one line, and both horizontally and vertically. Once you sort the same symbols to each other, will…

Rocket SoldiersScore game

Free game - Rocket Soldiers
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In the game for a while you become a soldier and now your task is to pick off the enemy. You will have plenty of ammo but a few attempts. So before you shoot all the measured data well. The winner is the one who kills the enemy first, but not destroy an opponent's blow. You will therefore have more…

Cake Shop

Free game - Cake Shop
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Play a game where you have a small shop selling cakes and your mission is to serve the most customers. Cakes fold in front of the customer, so you must hurry to have served the most customers. For each customer, of course, get money and then those in the higher level you are buying equipment. At the…

Ready? Fire!

Free game - Ready? Fire!
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What are the shooters at the races, you can simply try this game. Take your weapon and show you what shooters. You have a choice of several levels of difficulty, you always show three targets and your task is to hit as accurately as possible. Everything is the time limit so you will not have much…

Killer Whale

Free game - Killer Whale
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Become a whale for a moment that is very hungry. To feed the need you have to jump into another tank where other fish. Once eatto proceed further. If you want to eat fish, you need to get close and press X. You have to be smart but because of the small fish are fast.

Gold diggerScore game

Free game - Gold digger
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Gold fever broke and you can also catch traveling on their piece of happiness. At the beginning you'll have all the simple tasks but what comes after is harder and harder. After each round you will be able to buy equipment to prospectors. This equipment will make your work easier and also you can…

The Animal Zoo

Free game - The Animal Zoo
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This zoo is not so much do not care about animals but about people. You will here classify people in order to get everyone on their favorite attraction. But be careful you have to take care of the attraction to them was a mess and so on. The more customers you will have the more points, but beware,…

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D

Free game - Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D
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In this game the moment you become a builder. But no ordinary, while you have to build big skyscrapers. At the beginning of the construction site and get to this point, gradually you will build high-rise buildings. But you must be careful that you build as closely as possible, otherwise your house…


Free game - Pacman
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Legendary game to which perhaps is not what to say. Your task in this game is to eat all the dots you have on the road. In doing so, but again not to catch the ghosts. Large dots are on the way the game turns so that you can catch the spirit and nothing will happen. If you can get bonus points.

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