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Microbe ChainScore game

Free game - Microbe Chain
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Well it's not germs in this world do not have a light that's probably some of us know. If you think otherwise try to play this game. You will skin microbe that is trying to survive, but do not have it so easy. To survive you need to keep in the place where your life is for real. It is inside the…

Bomb It 2

Free game - Bomb It 2
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This very hilarious game has long been known to just be sure you have met with different graphics. The task in this game is very simple, you must destroy all rivals. But be careful you have to destroy them by placing bombs that can kill you. So it's not quite the lightest. So be careful where you…

HangerScore game

Free game - Hanger
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If you do not like blood so this game or drop, as the doll is more fragile than you think and when you start to move really quickly probably had a smaller impact something falls. Never know in advance what it will be if the legs or other limbs. Anyway doll swinging the fact that his legs are missing…

AlchemystScore game

Free game - Alchemyst
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This puzzle game has absolutely nothing to do with chemistry, so if you did not have chemistry at the school much like nothing happens. This game is very similar spojovačce. Your goal in this game is always to combine three or more glasses of chemistry together. Following the merger of these bottles…

Bubble Trouble 2

Free game - Bubble Trouble 2
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Excellent sequel to Bubble Trouble is where your main task is to get the greatest level. You play a character for pig and your task is to carve up balls in as few pieces, and eventually disappear. The halving balls using a rope, that figure soars to head upwards (activation Space). The bullet will…

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