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Free game - Checkers
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Not so common and noble as chess, but no less challenging game is checkers. Here now you can play online with a friend or random opponent. On a rectangular field, you win if opponents can collect all the stones, by the skip. You can always move one square diagonally and when you get to place the…


Free game - Gomoku
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Create a series of five symbols and their win over the opponent in this super-logical racing game. It certainly will not be easy at all. Indeed, your opponent will try to do the same and will spoil your efforts. Just a moment of inattention and advantages will become your undoing.

Potty Racers

Free game - Potty Racers
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This very funny relaxing game Potty Racers, you will enjoy your nice, albeit simple graphics. For here you have a mission to reach as far as really genuine in his vehicle. First of course you have to run as fast as possible and get down the hill so that your flight was the longest.

El Tigre

Free game - El Tigre
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You play as strong a tiger, which must always be given to the various items before it makes its adversary. During the game you receive valuable points that can then distribute the power of jumping, strength and speed, allowing you and your tiger will help a lot. Also, you will gradually change in…

Cake Shop 2

Free game - Cake Shop 2
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There is the sequel popular game in which you become a pastry chef and serves its customers' palates. But this time, do not just cakes, but cakes, coffee and other good things. And hurry up, the sooner you earn enough money, the sooner you will be my little candy store beautifully equipped and able…

Pony Adventure

Free game - Pony Adventure
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Pony Adventure is a great game for little longer for game enthusiasts, and for horses, but gives them the opportunity to further develop, as it is again quite simple. At the beginning you get a pony and a girl that you can adapt them, dress them and arrange a house, you have to travel a long way and…

The Tickler

Free game - The Tickler
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The tickler is very special, a fighting game, you control your own robot. It is in your hands the task of destroy all surrounding enemy machines. Over time, your enemies will be stronger and your robot will not be at all easy to destroy them. Robot during the game you can improve and increase your…

Data MinerScore game

Free game - Data Miner
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In this game you will become a thief, and with the help of its long telescopic arm you try to steal items. Most frequent are taking a variety of storage media and also laptops. To get to the next round, you have as good a thief to steal things for a price!
Free game - Battle Stance Human Campaign
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In this excellent game strategiské you must defend your castle against enemy attacks. There will be plenty of those and will try to take your seat and relentlessly from all sides. In you have to defend their available troops that you need to deploy best to make your castle best preserved.

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