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Free game - TU-46
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Play a sophisticated flight simulator and transport the passengers from one airport to another in perfect game TU-46. Before the first trip to the clouds is needed to study the control well, as even the slightest mistake can cost a life for you and your passengers.

Crazy Skates

Free game - Crazy Skates
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Come skate on the lake. Your guide will be none other than Fred Flintstone himself. Very easy to use and the speed of his movements but you must avoid all obstacles and holes in the ice. It is also good to collect dobrůdky that you (Fred) will give you energy and is so far away.

Puzzle Freak

Free game - Puzzle Freak
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In this game the character can play up to 4 players. This board game will be something completely different than what you used to. You will meet here with many logical tasks. The only problem the game is that it is in English so it might make some problems.

Fat Warrior 2

Free game - Fat Warrior 2
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In this game your task is to save parents, but once you save them anything that does not stop there. Just because you go after the goblins destroy mages. The game plays quite nicely, control is excellent and the graphics are not bad, so what are you waiting for.

Potty Racers

Free game - Potty Racers
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This very funny relaxing game Potty Racers, you will enjoy your nice, albeit simple graphics. For here you have a mission to reach as far as really genuine in his vehicle. First of course you have to run as fast as possible and get down the hill so that your flight was the longest.

Big Mansion

Free game - Big Mansion
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Play for real estate broker. Skupujte for the cheapest price and then sell them for what the most expensive. First you need to start buying small houses, but for the time you get to buy even the larger ones. Do not sleep on our laurels because the business is still moving. Therefore it is better to…

Tricky Duck VolleyballScore game

Free game - Tricky Duck Volleyball
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Would you like to play volleyball, but does not want you out, or with whom you do? Then there's Tricky Duck Volleyball, where you can play at will in and through the famous duck characters. You can choose from several aobtížností, then spacebar odbíjíte ball and arrows to move around the pitch.

Kings Island 2

Free game - Kings Island 2
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In Game 2, the Kings Islad really will be able to marry. Once you proceed with your fighter landscape and crush the enemy, you will not want to stop. You must of course be careful that you did not kill someone before you do it. It is also good to collect things along the way uřžitečné and drinks.…

Top Defense

Free game - Top Defense
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Protect your base from enemy attack vehicles in tower defense Top Tower. You will have a wide arsenal of weapons to help you dispose of any dangerous opponent and preventing damage to your base.

El Tigre

Free game - El Tigre
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You play as strong a tiger, which must always be given to the various items before it makes its adversary. During the game you receive valuable points that can then distribute the power of jumping, strength and speed, allowing you and your tiger will help a lot. Also, you will gradually change in…


Free game - Alex-trax
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Alex-trax is a game in which the game includes a bike in a really interesting field. Your task is to get as far as possible, collect Bodíky and what's more, in a truly inhospitable landscape on the bike not to fall. For an inexperienced user will be possible in speed a little more challenging…

Defend your nuts

Free game - Defend your nuts
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Little squirrel must at all costs to defend their nuts against enemy characters that armed attacks on her. But not far behind squirrel. In this endeavor it helps the protective fence, mines and prevent the bow and arrow. Once you eliminate your enemies, proceed to the next round and fight again.…

La Casa de Dora

Free game - La Casa de Dora
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Visit with Dora the big house. Waiting there for you lots of small surprises and fun games such as bingo, clothing, and other search subjects. Check out what the house is moving and how you can use.

Pothead Zombies

Free game - Pothead Zombies
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Zastřílejte a zombie. You and the other a helping hand, you will be tasked to protect the wall. Which you away from zombies who attack you constantly. Each round you will be able to buy better weapons. And this weapon can still get better. In each round of the you will try to get a new zombie, so…

Football Defans

Free game - Football Defans
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The game is another type of tower defense, but this time another story. Although you must also allow persons get to a certain place, but the game has a slightly different character than the usual Tower defense. In this game you are the police and your task is to prevent conflicts of football fans.…

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