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Penguin skate 2

Free game - Penguin skate 2
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Penguin Skate 2 is a game with nice graphics, starring a really cute penguin get a chance to show, how would you do on the ski slope. Your task is not to fall and that mainly collect as many bonus lollipops.

Milk And Coffee

Free game - Milk And Coffee
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The principle of the game is to get both cats together. The point is that you will receive various tasks that are often quite logical. Along the way you should steer the cat to pick up as many gold coins. Because so they loaded all the points in the game just as you can get. At the beginning of the…

McDonald's Video Game

Free game - McDonald's Video Game
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If you want to try how it feels to do business in the fast food and you do not have to make you buy a license from the Mc Donalds, never mind. In this you will be able to try everything. And straight from cattle, soy after dispensing with cheesburgerama lectern. Well just have to run around you so…

Data MinerScore game

Free game - Data Miner
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In this game you will become a thief, and with the help of its long telescopic arm you try to steal items. Most frequent are taking a variety of storage media and also laptops. To get to the next round, you have as good a thief to steal things for a price!


Free game - Snake
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Immortal game in the style of the classic snake, this time from within the garden. You have to avoid all the time bushes, water areas and other pitfalls. You can collect bonus otazníčky that can help on the way. All this by way of control arrows.


Free game - Bananageddon
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In this type of game Tower Defense you have to destroy as many enemies who will march to the zigzag path of the field. There you have it in the arsenal of weapons (which, of course, but not free) from which you can select and double click it and take place, there where you need it. After you have…

Bingo with Dora

Free game - Bingo with Dora
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In this game you can teach your children now two languages ​​at once. Dora speaks English but teaches Spanish. In this game will pull Dora bingo and you have to determine whether an image pulls among those who have. The game is for small children.


Free game - Astrophysics
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This puzzle game you will definitely enjoy. The main task will be to collect all rockets that are on the screen. Gather the green doll. But you have to guide the doll. You will always have several items that you can expand and change utterly. You always have countless attempts so if this does not…
Free game - Battle Stance Human Campaign
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In this excellent game strategiské you must defend your castle against enemy attacks. There will be plenty of those and will try to take your seat and relentlessly from all sides. In you have to defend their available troops that you need to deploy best to make your castle best preserved.

Doctor Ku Kitchen

Free game - Doctor Ku Kitchen
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In this game you get to the stylish kitchen ugly environment, ruled by evil chef. You, as his assistant to flee from there, but nothing is just as important things you need to collect and properly is used to make your escape plan came out.

Black Ants Rescue

Free game - Black Ants Rescue
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In the game of you will become the lover of ants. Your main task is to save a black from red ants. When the conflict is so red ants eat the black. So the various traps and the like will have to arrange that these two types of ants met. If you will it is up to you. If you want to improve your score,…


Free game - Moontype
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This game is very unusual. Do you own a month and your task is to defend it. Of course, for you can attack all ships. And you must destroy these ships. Your guide will rocket straight to the names of ships. So, always write the name of the ship or rocket ship and this rocket is sent from you to…

Dress Up Stewie

Free game - Dress Up Stewie
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In this dress up game you can dress according to your tastes figure from the movie Griffin. Variant figure how to put them very much, so do not be afraid of anything and just do it.

Sue Beauty Maker

Free game - Sue Beauty Maker
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Try to make up with everything. This game which is more designed for girls. You can try everything here what you think. Eyelashes, lipstick, make-up all perhaps that is only found. And when you make a mistake nothing happens everything can be repaired again.

Prizma Puzzle

Free game - Prizma Puzzle
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Awesome game that would have hardly guessed by name. In the game you have to connect power through several towers to the main. You must always keep an eye on it to give you energy throughout the round have been received. It is therefore good to choose a path through the tower which will give you…

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