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Free game - Reversi
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Reversi is an interesting online game in which you go about it, get as many stones of his color. You can get encirclement opponent. At each turn you put a stone on the open field so that the stone was your least one opponent. He then turns to your color. The game ends when you fill up the entire…


Free game - SeppuKuties
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SeppuKuties is a puzzle platform game in which you have to collect all the small animal nuts and get to the end of the golden walnut. This in some rounds will require the victim to rest he could get safely to the targets. Can you conquer all the levels?

Pheus and Mor

Free game - Pheus and Mor
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Pheus and Mor is a puzzle platform game in which your task is to help the boy and his dog find a way of intricate and challenging levels. Getting to your destination is only possible by their cooperation. The game, however, among other things, will also require a good dose of logical thinking that…

Dynamite Blast 2Score game

Free game - Dynamite Blast 2
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Continued cool games where you have to place dynamite charges on the bridges and other structures so that different vehicles either fell into the abyss, or, conversely, was saved. Not always an easy destruction of the first beam that will catch the eye and really you have to think about it. Great…

Cargo BridgeScore game

Free game - Cargo Bridge
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Help working workers to overcome the gap and gorge in order to safely transport the goods to the destination. All you have to do is build a bridge strong enough to retain workers with the cargo. Initially it will be nothing difficult, but over time you really have to think that the whole structure…

Foreign Creature 2

Free game - Foreign Creature 2
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This game is a bit more complicated as true to the classic puzzle games up on the details that make a mistake and attempt to click the wrong thing and start from scratch. The story of this game is aliens who came to the planet. He was caught a. .. It was you have to know yourself.


Free game - Bowlees
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In this game you will have the task of firing all the pins you see. You will have unlimited attempts. But if you play for points, so you would not be able to handle as few attempts. At the same time you have in this game look good, because sometimes you will see how to knock all the pins one blow.

Harry Stick Journey

Free game - Harry Stick Journey
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Harry Stick Journey is an interesting puzzle adventure in which the main hero Harry go on dangerous journey full of obstacles. You have a few items that you must use a proper place at the right time. For each task you have limited time, so think quickly.

Lofty Tower

Free game - Lofty Tower
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Lofty Tower is a funny puzzle game in which you have in each round to build a tower to desired height. The problem is that the construction of the tower you can only cube that is already on the board and are not you in the fall, no cube on the ground.

Super Karoshi

Free game - Super Karoshi
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Super Karoshi is very unusual platform game in which you will not be asked to get the hero to targets, but on the contrary cause his death, which, paradoxically, you move to the next round. You can use to different spikes to which it will also not get anything easy.

Harry the Hamster 2

Free game - Harry the Hamster 2
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Harry the Hamster 2 is a great game in which the hamsters Harry go on an adventurous journey around the world. Your task is to find all the pieces of the golden wheel, which are hidden around the world. However, you also have to collect various items to help you get through the tricky obstacles.

Shift 4

Free game - Shift 4
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A game in which you are tasked to get in the door leading to the next level and win, which is on the other side of the playing field. In a relatively simple graphical interface awaits a lot of pitfalls, where you can inject the stakes, or otherwise die. Classical control via arrow keys and space bar…

Flood Fill

Free game - Flood Fill
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Flood Fill is a puzzle game where your task will be paint a variety of patterns, so that side by side are not two faces of the same color. Initially, the game will seem like you can be too easy, but once you get into the higher levels, you have to do to complete them successfully.

ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2Score game

Free game - ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2
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The second part of the Puzzle ClikPlay Rainbow brings you a new batch of minigames in which your task will be to discover a black arrow. But before you get to the arrow must correctly solve the riddle or logic puzzle that you expect in each round.

Cover Orange

Free game - Cover Orange
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Cover Orange is a puzzle game in which you have to protect the small, smiling, orange balls against dangerous cloud, which deletes the dangerous sharp stars. To star killed by bullets, you have to build a protective barrier around the ball, or hide it well. If you survive all the balls, you get to…

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