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All We Need Is Brain 2

Free game - All We Need Is Brain 2
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In the the second part puzzle game All We Need Is Brain will again have to destroy all the zombies. To do this, lure the zombies into a trap with the help brains the smell zombie pulls out of their hiding place. In each round, but you only have a limited number of brains, so all you need to plan…

All That Matters

Free game - All That Matters
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All That Matters is a puzzle game in which your goal is in each round to get all the family to the door to the next level. This will require mutual cooperation and a lot of logical thinking, because each member of the family is full of other special features.

Shell Shock Live

Free game - Shell Shock Live
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In this game your task will destroy the unit that goes over the bridge. Of course you get more points, but you have to fulfill other tasks. You have to place bombs on the bridge and the bridge demolished. When soldiers go over the bridge and one bomb after another odstřeluj. But be careful because…

DroppyScore game

Free game - Droppy
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This game is one of the logical, but do not always know exactly what you are looking for. In each episode of the game you are completing another task. But the main one is, you have to find some thing and combine it somehow. Then you can use in the game, I would say that common sense is needed but…

Boom Boom Bloon

Free game - Boom Boom Bloon
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In the game your job is always shot down by cannon blue balloons. Conversely yellow balloon must always remain intact. Yellow balloon, then you need to relax, that flew. As you progress to other levels, the game will be difficult. You will need obstřelit various obstacles that you have in your way.…

Pooh´s Brain Games

Free game - Pooh´s Brain Games
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In this game, which will guide your favorite Winnie the Pooh, you will now be able to try three different tasks which will test your perception and brain speed turns. Can you handle the numerical examples, the search for fitting pieces and counting butterflies?

Professor Fizzwizzle

Free game - Professor Fizzwizzle
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In this game you get in charge of the mad professor, travels from dimension to dimension. In doing so, must overcome various obstacles to get to the next teleporter. You have to help him, you will need to combine different ways and move boxes or barrels, virtual machine because the path to the…


Free game - Mysteriez
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In this game to test your good eye and sensibility, you have to find the image with different themes hidden numbers. For each target species found for points, but you must not click more than once, or wrong, it always will lose ten points. If you can find all the numbers in the time limit, move to…

Peter the Penguin

Free game - Peter the Penguin
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Take the game Peter the Penguin with a little penguin on a long journey through the Antarctica and try to prevent global warming. But first you need to overcome the amount of dangerous obstacles in your way and all that could quickly destroy your expedition.

Monkey go happyScore game

Free game - Monkey go happy
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In this hilarious series of minigames to proceed with a second try to cheer monkey. But it's not as simple as monkey rejoice when we'll only task. These tasks are simple rules or have a system that you need to come. Anyway, since this second version differs in that you do not count mouse clicks but…

Harry The Hamster

Free game - Harry The Hamster
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Save the poor hamster fled before the evil cat. When he was let out of the cage, or passed your time to prepare, this can only move rostomilý rodent path, which he put together. Your task then is to get him safely pres playing field to his house. But beware, time is really short!


Free game - Gibbets
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Gibbets is truly original game in which you will practice your ability to accurately aim the mouse, but mainly a lot of fun. Your task is to save the figure with hanging on the gallows. So much so, that shoot arrows at their ropes and is trying to overshoot before launch condemned soul. But when you…

Hot or Cold

Free game - Hot or Cold
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In this game, struggling with fire and ice the game on the field. You can choose in which way you play and what difficulty you dare. Your figures may reproduce or to jump. At each turn you choose a piece, click on it and choose where to move. Depending on the distance you then "cloned" or rebounds.…
Free game - Emma a malý modrý ptáček
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This game, in which you'll find differences between two similar pictures, in addition to a very nice graphics and very funny story. Little girl Emma finds a wounded bird and decides to help him. How he goes about?

ClickPLAY RainbowScore game

Free game - ClickPLAY Rainbow
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ClickPLAY Rainbow is a series of fun mini-games that will please the little ones, but also many adults. In every minigame will be your job to get themselves into black-and-white arrow that is pressed will move you to the next round. The arrow is usually hidden in the playing area, or you must decode…

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