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Ant Soldiers

Free game - Ant Soldiers
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Ant Soldiers is a puzzle game in retro style in which your task is to deliver as many ants into the goal. To be successful, you will need to sacrifice some ants to create a safe path for the rest of the ant colony. In each level, however, you only have a limited number of elements that you can use.


Free game - Let-it-flow
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In this game, correcting what animals done. The farm which is a very warm place someone shuffle entire pipeline, which is but for life in this inhospitable place a must. Assemble all the pipes so that they get little animals and crops. But beware, the more water will leak out of pipes, the less you…

Factory Balls 2

Free game - Factory Balls 2
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In the game you become a manufacturer of balloons. The box will always appear an image balloon is not required to produce. Your task is to make a balloon so you have them as little blow. So would you like this balloon had a reputation to make the first attempt. To produce the balloon will always…

Puzzle Freak

Free game - Puzzle Freak
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In this game the character can play up to 4 players. This board game will be something completely different than what you used to. You will meet here with many logical tasks. The only problem the game is that it is in English so it might make some problems.

ClickPLAY Quickfire 2Score game

Free game - ClickPLAY Quickfire 2
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Game ClickPLAY Quickfire 2 is composed of a series of minigames in which you will need to involve logical thinking and quick reactions. In each minigame you will have another task, and only the correct solution can you move to the next round.

Parking Zone

Free game - Parking Zone
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This game is a bit different parkovačka. In the game you had more cars, according to the color you need to get to their parking lot. Once you manage it, and advance to the next round. The game is very simple in the beginning but with the passing wheels will complain. Let's try what you are masters…

Crazy Chess

Free game - Crazy Chess
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Chess and their rules and that you know so far in this game do not use. In this game you also play with chessfigures, but the rules are completely different. You have a horse and you go against a lot of pawns. The main task in the game is not to pick up a piece. But also let go pawn across the…

Wrong BlockScore game

Free game - Wrong Block
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Another excellent puzzle game to test your observation and logical thinking speed. Your task will be to remove stones that bothers other a block of at least three of the same color. When you succeed, the stones will disappear and you get points. But beware, the game you have limited time limit, so…

Click Bots

Free game - Click Bots
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Bots click is a puzzle game based on the well-known game Lemmings where need securely transported to the target as possible doll. That you succeeded, you can use various properties doll like shank, drilling or parachute. Some of the young man, however, will also need to sacrifice and use it as a…

Tiles Of The Simpsons

Free game - Tiles Of The Simpsons
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Perfect puzzle game with my family Simpson in the lead role. Your task will be to remove the box with pictures of family members (always at least two same side). But it's not that simple. Fields are in several layers and how to delete a fall down gradually, so you can get at the dead point and…

Mahjong AlchemyRECOMMEND

Free game - Mahjong Alchemy
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Mahjong Alchemy is a game that belongs to the family mahjong and tormented by your brain. Search for a pair of interesting stones with the same symbols (which are even different bodobé valuation) to as long as the playing field not gone. But beware, the stones must be easily accessible and can not…

Bob And Sam in EgyptScore game

Free game - Bob And Sam in Egypt
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Very interesting and a puzzle game reminiscent of Tetris but in the opposite way. You start with full parts balls and your goal is to gradually limit the time involved to remove the marbles. When you lead the entire field so you have won. But remember that the game has very many levels and also the…

Stake Your Claim

Free game - Stake Your Claim
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Very interesting game where you have to distribute the second king of the land. The game is a challenge take a lot of ground. To do so close that particular field. Who closes a space as the last one that gained ground. You can also get it by přilepšit land that is wearing a gold nugget. This is…

Topsy Turvy

Free game - Topsy Turvy
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Very interesting game which will definitely not be bored. Your main task is to get the doll to the flag. But just as simple as this again will not be on the road which is a lot of pitfalls you must avoid. But on the other hand, the advantage is that you can basically turn the subject. And by the…


Free game - Steampunk
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At the beginning of the game you will have a doll. This doll still looks like a pentagon. But to get him safely to the ground so it becomes a doll. Get him to the ground, nothing simple. The game is a puzzle and some levels are really sweat. In addition, you will have even more red doll. This is…

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