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Mahjong 247

Free game - Mahjong 247
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In this classic Mahjong game, although you have to remove the stones with the same images of their pairing, as always, but unlike the other versions have the option to choose their deployment.

Mahjongg Artifacts 2

Free game - Mahjongg Artifacts 2
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This game is basically the classic Mahjong in which you have to look for loose stones with the same pictures and remove them gradually so that no stub, if possible. Mahjongg Artifacts also introduces you to a stylish environment that you will enjoy.
Free game - Pokémon Towering Legend's
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This game is inspired by the famous Pokemon series, but in practice it is not too much. The player is what is most effective unification of stones in the game field. It is therefore a game focused more on brain than on combat arms or Pokemon, as one might expect.


Free game - Mysteriez
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In this game to test your good eye and sensibility, you have to find the image with different themes hidden numbers. For each target species found for points, but you must not click more than once, or wrong, it always will lose ten points. If you can find all the numbers in the time limit, move to…

Harry The Hamster

Free game - Harry The Hamster
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Save the poor hamster fled before the evil cat. When he was let out of the cage, or passed your time to prepare, this can only move rostomilý rodent path, which he put together. Your task then is to get him safely pres playing field to his house. But beware, time is really short!

Shift 4

Free game - Shift 4
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A game in which you are tasked to get in the door leading to the next level and win, which is on the other side of the playing field. In a relatively simple graphical interface awaits a lot of pitfalls, where you can inject the stakes, or otherwise die. Classical control via arrow keys and space bar…

Shell Shock Live

Free game - Shell Shock Live
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In this game your task will destroy the unit that goes over the bridge. Of course you get more points, but you have to fulfill other tasks. You have to place bombs on the bridge and the bridge demolished. When soldiers go over the bridge and one bomb after another odstřeluj. But be careful because…

Milk And Coffee

Free game - Milk And Coffee
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The principle of the game is to get both cats together. The point is that you will receive various tasks that are often quite logical. Along the way you should steer the cat to pick up as many gold coins. Because so they loaded all the points in the game just as you can get. At the beginning of the…

Puzzle Freak

Free game - Puzzle Freak
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In this game the character can play up to 4 players. This board game will be something completely different than what you used to. You will meet here with many logical tasks. The only problem the game is that it is in English so it might make some problems.


Free game - Bowlees
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In this game you will have the task of firing all the pins you see. You will have unlimited attempts. But if you play for points, so you would not be able to handle as few attempts. At the same time you have in this game look good, because sometimes you will see how to knock all the pins one blow.

Pokemon Memory

Free game - Pokemon Memory
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Surely everyone has heard of Pokemon. In this game you kind of have to play Pokemon. Just as you have memory game cards and you'll have to find two the same. If you miss nothing will happen and go on. The main thing is time for you because it will mercilessly short.

Funny Love Puzzle

Free game - Funny Love Puzzle
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In this game you will be asked to pass one of the pictures that you choose at the beginning of the game. Everything is very simple because the image will remain as a model. Individual pieces you'll need to rotate the mouse-clicking. Then you only need to find the right place and the division has…

Ice Age 2

Free game - Ice Age 2
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In this game you have to assemble the ice right at each other or side by side. The task is to give the cubes so that they are the same color next to each other when you put two identical cubes next to each other will disappear and points will be added. But be careful that you did not dice bad…


Free game - Cuber
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In the game you play for a while on the builders. You will face gravity and other physical phenomena. Your task will be to build a building that the ball does not fall. The ball will fall from a great height and it must not fall apart or anything from your building. The game is very fun but a brain…

Prizma Puzzle

Free game - Prizma Puzzle
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Awesome game that would have hardly guessed by name. In the game you have to connect power through several towers to the main. You must always keep an eye on it to give you energy throughout the round have been received. It is therefore good to choose a path through the tower which will give you…

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