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Puzzle horse

Free game - Puzzle horse
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This game is exactly what it says about her name. You will be asked to assemble a photo very nice brown horse completely classic puzzle that you can sort the display of the initial horomádky. The advantage of this game is really nice graphics and easy to use mouse.

The Illusionists Dream

Free game - The Illusionists Dream
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The Illusionists Dream is a amazing puzzle platform game in which you go through different levels with the powerful magician. He can take on any form of animal that he meets. This will enable him to overcome all obstacles and find the golden key to unlock the door leading it to the next level.
Free game - 3D Sliding Puzzle Hannah Montana
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What young girl would not know today, Hanna Montana, whose image is a need to properly assemble. In this game, but comes into its own and the one who knows it too and likes challenges to observation and reflection ...

Wrong BlockScore game

Free game - Wrong Block
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Another excellent puzzle game to test your observation and logical thinking speed. Your task will be to remove stones that bothers other a block of at least three of the same color. When you succeed, the stones will disappear and you get points. But beware, the game you have limited time limit, so…

Birds Town

Free game - Birds Town
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In the game you have to combine three color birds. These birds shoot from the crossbow. You need good aim to give you all the colorful birds together. Otherwise, you stretch a string consisting of birds. This chain can not get into the cage. Because there waiting for them finicky cat. So show your…

Mahjongg Artifacts 2

Free game - Mahjongg Artifacts 2
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This game is basically the classic Mahjong in which you have to look for loose stones with the same pictures and remove them gradually so that no stub, if possible. Mahjongg Artifacts also introduces you to a stylish environment that you will enjoy.

CubiumScore game

Free game - Cubium
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In the game you have to bring down as many bricks on the ground ball with the smallest and least attempts. That could be summed up this game, but it is true that in this game is about something other than shooting. These tactics and thoughtfulness. What a great shot to use, how much ball you use and…

Puzzle Freak

Free game - Puzzle Freak
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In this game the character can play up to 4 players. This board game will be something completely different than what you used to. You will meet here with many logical tasks. The only problem the game is that it is in English so it might make some problems.

Save the snails

Free game - Save the snails
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Playing as the title is already under the snails. These snails are trying to survive so it will be your job to help them in that. Since the water very hungry fish, you will need sneils put into the water timber to the fish eaten. Then it will be only one task to get on the raft so many snails you.…

Boom Hockey

Free game - Boom Hockey
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In this game you can also play hockey, but little else. The main task is obviously to get the puck into the gate. But the puck into the gate you will receive an unconventional way. You get to try the bomb. At the beginning of the game you will show crosses, not to let you know how to direct the…
Free game - Roly-Poly: Bloody Monsters Pack
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In the game you will have a very simple task. Destroy all monsters. But sometimes it sounds easier than it can be done. The game is logical, and after a while you find that you need to select multiple attempts to make you successful. For each round will receive points, you will be counted with every…


Free game - SeppuKuties
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SeppuKuties is a puzzle platform game in which you have to collect all the small animal nuts and get to the end of the golden walnut. This in some rounds will require the victim to rest he could get safely to the targets. Can you conquer all the levels?

Zoo Escape

Free game - Zoo Escape
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In this game you try to save animals that are in the zoo. Těmhle little animals in the zoo but do not like them because the kids are screaming and cursing them. So little animals help in different tasks to be free. Every time you will have the task harder and harder and just about the time he can…

Blosics 2Score game

Free game - Blosics 2
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This game is one of the simpler ones, and especially the respite. Therefore, I highly recommend to work. Proof that this game is good, this second series. When to shoot these green bricks zamalujete. But watch out for each ball fired you deducted points and Aim carefully and shoot the fullest. At…

Kit & EllisScore game

Free game - Kit & Ellis
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Connection game in a little coat. In the game do not link the classic symbols that are next to each other, but they illustrate the symbols of the belt that goes to the edge of the window. The task in this game, put side by side three or more identical symbols.

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