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Harry The Hamster

Free game - Harry The Hamster
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Save the poor hamster fled before the evil cat. When he was let out of the cage, or passed your time to prepare, this can only move rostomilý rodent path, which he put together. Your task then is to get him safely pres playing field to his house. But beware, time is really short!


Free game - Mysteriez
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In this game to test your good eye and sensibility, you have to find the image with different themes hidden numbers. For each target species found for points, but you must not click more than once, or wrong, it always will lose ten points. If you can find all the numbers in the time limit, move to…

Black and White Mahjong

Free game - Black and White Mahjong
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The Mahjong game is special because it only connect same pictures on the stones, so you get rid of them and got the points, but must also be each of a different color stones - one black and one white.

Aequilibrium 2

Free game - Aequilibrium 2
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In this game your mission is to make all the green blocks remain on the desktop. Do not you fall or a green cube. But you must also remove all the orange. The main thing is to keep the balance. So you have to remove the orange cubes gradually. At the beginning you may seem that the game is simple,…

The Suspense 2

Free game - The Suspense 2
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The Suspense is perfectly crafted puzzle game in which the protagonist must overcome in each level all obstacles and get to the destination. However, you will move in two different worlds between which can be switched by pressing P.

Harry Stick Journey

Free game - Harry Stick Journey
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Harry Stick Journey is an interesting puzzle adventure in which the main hero Harry go on dangerous journey full of obstacles. You have a few items that you must use a proper place at the right time. For each task you have limited time, so think quickly.

Around the Word

Free game - Around the Word
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This puzzle is one of the simpler, because the place where you store images shows the original image you fold. You can choose from single images, all images you will definitely know.


Free game - Abaku
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This relatively challenging math game you play with a real opponent. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible in composing mathematical examples of past winning numbers that you have available. Your example must always follow the numbers already in the game field and are used for each…

Mushroom Cannon 2

Free game - Mushroom Cannon 2
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Very interesting game in which the challenge is to get the ball into the bucket. It sounds very simple but so easy it's not. You have to measure out the correct height and strength of shot. In the game you will have some obstacles so that's really not easy.


Free game - Cuber
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In the game you play for a while on the builders. You will face gravity and other physical phenomena. Your task will be to build a building that the ball does not fall. The ball will fall from a great height and it must not fall apart or anything from your building. The game is very fun but a brain…

Milk And Coffee

Free game - Milk And Coffee
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The principle of the game is to get both cats together. The point is that you will receive various tasks that are often quite logical. Along the way you should steer the cat to pick up as many gold coins. Because so they loaded all the points in the game just as you can get. At the beginning of the…

Double Bratz

Free game - Double Bratz
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How good your memory? Try it in the classic memory game where two cards each turn and when they are the same images will disappear. When you make a mistake turns itself back. The pictures are waiting for you beautiful dolls Bratz, so it's definitely something to look forward to. The faster you are,…

Pokemon Memory

Free game - Pokemon Memory
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Surely everyone has heard of Pokemon. In this game you kind of have to play Pokemon. Just as you have memory game cards and you'll have to find two the same. If you miss nothing will happen and go on. The main thing is time for you because it will mercilessly short.

Peter the Penguin

Free game - Peter the Penguin
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Take the game Peter the Penguin with a little penguin on a long journey through the Antarctica and try to prevent global warming. But first you need to overcome the amount of dangerous obstacles in your way and all that could quickly destroy your expedition.


Free game - Astrophysics
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This puzzle game you will definitely enjoy. The main task will be to collect all rockets that are on the screen. Gather the green doll. But you have to guide the doll. You will always have several items that you can expand and change utterly. You always have countless attempts so if this does not…

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