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Barbie MemoZ

Free game - Barbie MemoZ
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Search is always the same two Barbie and her friends in a truly original memory game. At the beginning you'll be able to choose how many cards wishes, and therefore how the game will be difficult. You will not have an opponent against each other, as is the classic memory game, but the bear will…
Free game - 3D Sliding Puzzle Hannah Montana
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What young girl would not know today, Hanna Montana, whose image is a need to properly assemble. In this game, but comes into its own and the one who knows it too and likes challenges to observation and reflection ...

Prizma Puzzle

Free game - Prizma Puzzle
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Awesome game that would have hardly guessed by name. In the game you have to connect power through several towers to the main. You must always keep an eye on it to give you energy throughout the round have been received. It is therefore good to choose a path through the tower which will give you…

Mahjong 2

Free game - Mahjong 2
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Mahjong classic game as you surely know it. But if this game have never played, so the challenge is to remove all stones. To do this, select pieces that are exactly the same and are on the edge. If you do it right so your stones will disappear and you continue on. The game ends when you manage to…

Puzzle horse

Free game - Puzzle horse
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This game is exactly what it says about her name. You will be asked to assemble a photo very nice brown horse completely classic puzzle that you can sort the display of the initial horomádky. The advantage of this game is really nice graphics and easy to use mouse.

African Mask

Free game - African Mask
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Here you will find the classic puzzle that some of us have known each other since childhood. The principle is to put together the whole picture from pieces that are shaped differently. The email you the result would be released at the African mask image.

Around the Word

Free game - Around the Word
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This puzzle is one of the simpler, because the place where you store images shows the original image you fold. You can choose from single images, all images you will definitely know.

Horoscope puzzle

Free game - Horoscope puzzle
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Are you interested in the starry sky and what they look like each constellation? Practice your knowledge of this interesting, original puzzle game in which you first remember the original labeled constellation and then themselves in the stars find the fairway. When you combine all the stars well…

Save the snails

Free game - Save the snails
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Playing as the title is already under the snails. These snails are trying to survive so it will be your job to help them in that. Since the water very hungry fish, you will need sneils put into the water timber to the fish eaten. Then it will be only one task to get on the raft so many snails you.…

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