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Totally Spies Puzzle

Free game - Totally Spies Puzzle
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For all those who like Totally Spies Agent here are very nice puzzle in which you fold their picture. It will not be so easy but again, because this time and get the original image is composed of several irregularly spaced Agentek photos.

Ant Soldiers

Free game - Ant Soldiers
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Ant Soldiers is a puzzle game in retro style in which your task is to deliver as many ants into the goal. To be successful, you will need to sacrifice some ants to create a safe path for the rest of the ant colony. In each level, however, you only have a limited number of elements that you can use.

Cover Orange

Free game - Cover Orange
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Cover Orange is a puzzle game in which you have to protect the small, smiling, orange balls against dangerous cloud, which deletes the dangerous sharp stars. To star killed by bullets, you have to build a protective barrier around the ball, or hide it well. If you survive all the balls, you get to…

All We Need Is Brain 2

Free game - All We Need Is Brain 2
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In the the second part puzzle game All We Need Is Brain will again have to destroy all the zombies. To do this, lure the zombies into a trap with the help brains the smell zombie pulls out of their hiding place. In each round, but you only have a limited number of brains, so all you need to plan…

GoGo Puzzle PetsScore game

Free game - GoGo Puzzle Pets
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Enjoy a different kind of memory game. You will search for pairs of identical images to then disappeared. But here the similarity ends. Images are in several layers and not always just two, but a few (for a pair of different layers get more points). For bad attempts you will additionally read lives.

Sobics Puzzle

Free game - Sobics Puzzle
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Find at least two groups of cubes of the same color in this interesting Fighting game. When you click on them, dice disappear. But you have a well-planned, because the aim of the game is to not one was left cube and so you must not leave alone.
Free game - Emma a malý modrý ptáček
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This game, in which you'll find differences between two similar pictures, in addition to a very nice graphics and very funny story. Little girl Emma finds a wounded bird and decides to help him. How he goes about?

ClickPLAY Quickfire 2Score game

Free game - ClickPLAY Quickfire 2
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Game ClickPLAY Quickfire 2 is composed of a series of minigames in which you will need to involve logical thinking and quick reactions. In each minigame you will have another task, and only the correct solution can you move to the next round.


Free game - enDice
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Tormented yours brains in this interesting but difficult game. You start with a number of blocks that you need to get to their place. On each cube is a number that indicates the number of shifts. At the end there shall be no number. It can move one cube of the second one.

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