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Free game - Platypus
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Jump to your platypus as high. In order to succeed, it is good to capture the right moment when you will have the largest supply of energy and the way to gather food. Keeping the air a little help boost (up arrow).


Free game - Notessimo
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Become a real composers in this supe game. Musical notation to insert each tool so that a tune that you will like. Tools are nice icons, so you definitely will be well used.

The Halloween Quiz

Free game - The Halloween Quiz
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It's Halloween, a celebration of all supernatural beings and so take for yourself a test in which you'll find a character that you could be. For questions and answers and evaluation is certainly good fun.

Udersea Underworld

Free game - Udersea Underworld
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Go into the depths and underwater as a diver collect valuable treasure chests. But you have to avoid all dangerous sea creatures that you can lose lives. How much treasure as you can get your way?

Coin Pusher Mania

Free game - Coin Pusher Mania
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Try a bit of fun gamble and try to win as much money from the machine. It will be to throw a coin into the right hole at the right moment, so that pushing as many coins and banknotes that are already in the machine and you get to the edge and fell to you.

Splash Around

Free game - Splash Around
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Splash Around is an awesome game with beautiful graphics and a very nice turtle in the lead role. It aims to reflect on the board over the bath and then jump into the water so that made ​​the greatest splash. Reflected on a pretty limited time so will need a really good tactic;)

BalleryScore game

Free game - Ballery
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In the game Ballery waiting for you 18 levels in which it is necessary to collect as many points as possible. Round doll you shoot into the air to hit the place with the highest point gain. At each level, you can decide if you want one or two attempts, but is counted only the second one.


Free game - Skywire
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Skywire is a relatively simple fun game where your task is to transport passengers by cable car. You will always be in charge figure with three and must be safely transferred from one place to another. In doing so you will stand in the way (and wheeling!) Various obstacles. Will you bring all the…

Pillage The Village

Free game - Pillage The Village
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In this brutal game you will be able to destroy the entire village, including the subjects' own villagers. What's more, for every slain a soul, you get money. You kill them by throwing everyone into the air as high as possible, but at the higher level you are, the figure with the harder to kill. For…

Ghost Train Ride

Free game - Ghost Train Ride
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In this game your main task will be to scare the spirits, which you may like children themselves were afraid. You can get them screaming with fear on a crazy rollercoaster. Follow their movement vozíčktu such a speed that your spirits are really worried, but not so furious that killed ...


Free game - Gibbets
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Gibbets is truly original game in which you will practice your ability to accurately aim the mouse, but mainly a lot of fun. Your task is to save the figure with hanging on the gallows. So much so, that shoot arrows at their ropes and is trying to overshoot before launch condemned soul. But when you…

AirborneScore game

Free game - Airborne
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Airborne is a game in which you must shoot in a timely manner as many balloons. But it does not pay to shoot just like that. Your weapon is a slingshot and it is mainly a good shot and precision aiming, you managed to advance to the next round with as many balloons.

Potty Racers

Free game - Potty Racers
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This very funny relaxing game Potty Racers, you will enjoy your nice, albeit simple graphics. For here you have a mission to reach as far as really genuine in his vehicle. First of course you have to run as fast as possible and get down the hill so that your flight was the longest.

Time Killer

Free game - Time Killer
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Super funny and moderately difficult game in which you find yourself in the shoes of a guy who never has enough time and wants to destroy all the clocks in the world. So you also get to tangle with the law and must continually seek out and destroy not only hours, but also from somewhere to run. Do…

Penguin Diner

Free game - Penguin Diner
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In this game he'll do a full restaurant and sometimes you have to handle the onslaught of big eaters, but not just ordinary diners - it will be nice penguins! As always, you have to catch the handle as many guests to your restaurant had a reputation earned money and the best equipment.

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