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Free game - Skywire
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Skywire is a relatively simple fun game where your task is to transport passengers by cable car. You will always be in charge figure with three and must be safely transferred from one place to another. In doing so you will stand in the way (and wheeling!) Various obstacles. Will you bring all the…

Miami SharkScore game

Free game - Miami Shark
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Well after a long time I can say that I have a lot of fun. In fact, although such a shark did not survive much longer but that computer survives only thanks to you. This shark is a very big game rest. U definitely need to relax. Your task is to inflict as much damage as fraud and above water. A…

Computer Crash

Free game - Computer Crash
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It will definitely happen sometime in the middle of important work that your computer has collapsed. Or do you monitor oběvilo little window with the following message senseless? And when you have such a thing happens, would you prefer the computer straight threw out the window, or you manually…

Mass Mayhem 3

Free game - Mass Mayhem 3
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In the game you play the terrorist. Your task is to kill as many people as possible. Initially, you decide how you will look like. Then you are traveling on the individual wheels, which use a wide range of weapons to destroy everything around you. For the number of victims will receive money from…

Amateur Surgeon

Free game - Amateur Surgeon
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In this game you can finally experience what it is to be a surgeon. But you will not have it so easy. Your career is starting as a pizza delivery boy, so depending on your equipment will look at operations. You will have very little time and very busy so it is a classic routine surgeons. So what do…
Free game - Kung Fu Panda: Tigress Jump
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If you know the movie Kung Fu Panda so you do not even represent the tigress. What you're doing, the main task is to pop up as a Chinese lantern. And to get the most points. But be careful you may fall off or the game ends. Control over the mouse is simple but maybe someone will take a while to get…


Free game - Platypus
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Jump to your platypus as high. In order to succeed, it is good to capture the right moment when you will have the largest supply of energy and the way to gather food. Keeping the air a little help boost (up arrow).

Super D

Free game - Super D
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One of the interesting games are not very large variations. In this game you play as a cube that saves other friends. But be careful here and find the dice that they will want to cross your path. These cubes have to destroy before they destroy you. If you want to destroy you jump on them. Especially…

Mad Karate Man

Free game - Mad Karate Man
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In this game you can put yourself in an aggressive karate, which runs through the streets and beats poor fellow. Your task is to strike the proper skin vystředlit their victims as possible. By gather points and increases your abilities and strength. The game is simple enough, but for the…

Pillage The Village

Free game - Pillage The Village
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In this brutal game you will be able to destroy the entire village, including the subjects' own villagers. What's more, for every slain a soul, you get money. You kill them by throwing everyone into the air as high as possible, but at the higher level you are, the figure with the harder to kill. For…

Arm Surgery 2

Free game - Arm Surgery 2
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In this game you play a doctor. Just you and lead you to shift the patient's surgery. Which broke my arm. Your task will be to hand to operate, so that the patient survived. Be careful because you must choose the correct procedure. If you happen to know so you will discover all the time help.

Shopping Cart HeroScore game

Free game - Shopping Cart Hero
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In this game, it shall be done with the jumper in the shopping cart. Jump in the truck and run from the hill down the slope. At the right time to jump into the truck, get yourself off the ground and balance correctly truck that flew away, and you were the best. To get a jump funny money, which you…

Stunt CrazyScore game

Free game - Stunt Crazy
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In this game you play on the stuntman. Your goal is to earn as much as the next film. This can lead easily. You have as much to demolish and destroy mainly. After all you will be able to repair the car and even a little better. The car already knows at the beginning of significant bits. You can with…

Battleship The Beginning

Free game - Battleship The Beginning
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In this game you can play good old boats. And you will not even need any colleague. The game is a classic and very well done. In addition, the collected money will be able to improve things. But playing against the computer is totally the best because it hardly ever makes a mistake. But you can try…

Cripple Cannon

Free game - Cripple Cannon
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The main task in this brutal game is to get retired in the ambulance. So the way pensioners get into an ambulance is very brutal. But on the other hand, even a little funny. The trip will give pensioners these things to get as close to the ambulance. You do not have to use all things available to…

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