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Ghost Train Ride

Free game - Ghost Train Ride
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In this game your main task will be to scare the spirits, which you may like children themselves were afraid. You can get them screaming with fear on a crazy rollercoaster. Follow their movement vozíčktu such a speed that your spirits are really worried, but not so furious that killed ...

Udersea Underworld

Free game - Udersea Underworld
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Go into the depths and underwater as a diver collect valuable treasure chests. But you have to avoid all dangerous sea creatures that you can lose lives. How much treasure as you can get your way?

The Halloween Quiz

Free game - The Halloween Quiz
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It's Halloween, a celebration of all supernatural beings and so take for yourself a test in which you'll find a character that you could be. For questions and answers and evaluation is certainly good fun.


Free game - Skywire
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Skywire is a relatively simple fun game where your task is to transport passengers by cable car. You will always be in charge figure with three and must be safely transferred from one place to another. In doing so you will stand in the way (and wheeling!) Various obstacles. Will you bring all the…

Medieval Siege

Free game - Medieval Siege
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Try this great oddechovku, where for a while you become a conqueror. You have a catapult and a lot of ammunition. Your task is to destroy all the neighboring castles, so you can control their territory. The task is not easy, but with age the levels of difficulty increases. If you want to have great…
Free game - Ultimate Douchebag Workout
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A game for us sitting at the computer as perfect. Your task is to make a guy who is skinny twig, breakers girls hearts. It's up to you which strategy you try, but you must keep proper diet gym. Then you can walk to shops and buy stylish accessories. First is the necessity of this but boy do…

Sittin At A Bar

Free game - Sittin At A Bar
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In this game you will be in the role of a real drinker, who gives one beer after another and trying not to fall. The longer it can survive and become a drink of beer, the more points you have.

Bad Ice Cream

Free game - Bad Ice Cream
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Become a little ice cream, which collects at the north pole of the fruit to be even better. When you manage to collect everything, so not only get valuable points, but move to the next level. You have but to give very careful not to touch you evil monster. That would be because you melted it would…


Free game - Platypus
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Jump to your platypus as high. In order to succeed, it is good to capture the right moment when you will have the largest supply of energy and the way to gather food. Keeping the air a little help boost (up arrow).

Pillage The Village

Free game - Pillage The Village
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In this brutal game you will be able to destroy the entire village, including the subjects' own villagers. What's more, for every slain a soul, you get money. You kill them by throwing everyone into the air as high as possible, but at the higher level you are, the figure with the harder to kill. For…

Super Deadmatch

Free game - Super Deadmatch
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Very interesting game in which you can play with his friend, if not at the computer. In the game you play as two teenagers who have themselves throwing stones and other objects. The main task is to shellac the opponent to surrender. Who wins will see the taskbar. Remember that the main panel you can…

Battleship The Beginning

Free game - Battleship The Beginning
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In this game you can play good old boats. And you will not even need any colleague. The game is a classic and very well done. In addition, the collected money will be able to improve things. But playing against the computer is totally the best because it hardly ever makes a mistake. But you can try…

Billy Bob BashScore game

Free game - Billy Bob Bash
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In this game you have as far shoot boy. The task is not difficult but should be well focused. First you will need to adjust the angle of shooting and then power. The further the better it will fly. Then you will be able to buy beer for the bonus other various improvements.


Free game - Marmoot
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In the game you have to destroy the enemy. It will only lead you so that you throw to him exploding pumpkin. But be careful in the game you have friends, and you definitely should not hit. If this happens you will have to play from the beginning. Remember to use a keyboard that helps you in the…

Reach for the Sky

Free game - Reach for the Sky
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In this game you are in school and other options you are using textbooks. What if you tried them bounce? Try to get the books that fall from the sky as possible. For their efforts, you can get different bonuses to help you get above the clouds.

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