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Blosics 2Score game

Free game - Blosics 2
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This game is one of the simpler ones, and especially the respite. Therefore, I highly recommend to work. Proof that this game is good, this second series. When to shoot these green bricks zamalujete. But watch out for each ball fired you deducted points and Aim carefully and shoot the fullest. At…

Cripple Cannon

Free game - Cripple Cannon
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The main task in this brutal game is to get retired in the ambulance. So the way pensioners get into an ambulance is very brutal. But on the other hand, even a little funny. The trip will give pensioners these things to get as close to the ambulance. You do not have to use all things available to…


Free game - Faultline
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This game will definitely grabs. First you have to think about it a little but not so much. In the game you have to get to the teleporter. He always throws you to the next level. But when you look so good anywhere journey is not just a few empty seats. But you have the good property that you can…

Microbe ChainScore game

Free game - Microbe Chain
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Well it's not germs in this world do not have a light that's probably some of us know. If you think otherwise try to play this game. You will skin microbe that is trying to survive, but do not have it so easy. To survive you need to keep in the place where your life is for real. It is inside the…

Cops And Robbers

Free game - Cops And Robbers
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In this game you have a choice of three thieves. As soon as you choose for whom you play and will run a complete frenzy. You have robbed several stores and you go after all the police officers from the neighborhood. It is quite clear what you need to do, run what you can. Well, when it will be some…

Ninja Painter

Free game - Ninja Painter
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The fact that China can do things quickly and make sure we all know. Now you can play a similar game and try out what it is to become a ninja Chinese painter. Your main task is to paint the most colorful boxes. Fields, each have its color to green so green and so on. Also, you can have a bonus in a…

Computer Crash

Free game - Computer Crash
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It will definitely happen sometime in the middle of important work that your computer has collapsed. Or do you monitor oběvilo little window with the following message senseless? And when you have such a thing happens, would you prefer the computer straight threw out the window, or you manually…

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