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The Suspense 2

Free game - The Suspense 2
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The Suspense is perfectly crafted puzzle game in which the protagonist must overcome in each level all obstacles and get to the destination. However, you will move in two different worlds between which can be switched by pressing P.


Free game - Exmortis
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You wake up alone deep in the woods. You do not understand what you're doing. Are you cold, you have nothing to fear and you can not remember. The only thing you equip a terrible nightmare full of blood and terror. Starting to wander through the forest and when you are completely at a loss forces…

Meat Boner

Free game - Meat Boner
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In this game you'll play the skeleton around destroying other monsters and skeletons. You have a very good feature that can stun your opponents skull. Then, just to have him come and dismantle it into pieces. The controls are very simple and very good is that if more monsters at you so he can…

Gretel and Hansel

Free game - Gretel and Hansel
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If you think that fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel perfectly know, this game will quickly bring out the mistake. That is a little frightening adaptation than you expect. The evil stepmother wants to expel their children into the woods to die of hunger there. Now it is up to you to devise a plan to…

Gretel and Hansel 2

Free game - Gretel and Hansel 2
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The second part of adventure Hansel and Gretel you again transferred to the fabulous world where you have to help Hansel and Gretel get out of the vicious forest. Death lurks at every step, so be careful and help children find the right way.

Alice is Dead

Free game - Alice is Dead
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The scary adventure Alice is Dead is heading you to the fabulous world of Alice in Wonderland, where everything is not as it should be. Alice died and you - as her best friend - a rabbit, you have remained trapped underground, from which it seems no escape. How the story ends is up to you and your…

NT CreatureScore game

Free game - NT Creature
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Choose one of the creatures and kill all enemies in the area. But they will attack you, so do not be. With this monster you have to mainly protect the ship. The boxes that are in the lower part of the game, you'll see all the information you need. At the beginning of the game you obviously made ​​a…

Lost Head

Free game - Lost Head
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A little girl lost her head. This really is not very original game, your task nothing less than a girl her head again to find help. While searching you will need to thoroughly go through the whole city, looking for things to use them so it made ​​sense to try to find out where the head is hidden.
Free game - Harry Potter Magical Eyes V2
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Your task in this game is to protect the eye against a powerful sorcerer. You have to avoid his powerful eye. If the eye gets the glasses so you lose. It is also necessary to avoid everything that is a magician who conjures up in your room. but if they develop some subjects it is good to take,…

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