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Tracktors PowerScore game

Free game - Tracktors Power
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In this game you will be able sunny days exciting challenges. And what other than a tractor. This off-road tractor, affords you a great opportunity as they enjoy themselves. You can jump with him and all kinds of fooling around, for every bit you get extra points. But the main task in this game is…

Papa's Taco Mia!

Free game - Papa's Taco Mia!
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You have won the competition and as a reward you can do in Taco restaurant. This is a newly opened restaurant is very important to make a good impression. Therefore, you must try. At the beginning you have to take orders. Then it quickly into the kitchen. The meat on the stove and other ingredients.…

Monkey Trouble 2Score game

Free game - Monkey Trouble 2
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If you feel that you have this type of game played many times, so terribly wrong. The form in this game is sure, but it's completely different. These balls must arrange side by side to match the color next to each other and were at least three. If this happens the ball disappears and the game…

Zombie Trailer ParkScore game

Free game - Zombie Trailer Park
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This game is another very povedeným zombie games. I think anyone who likes strategy, so I love this game. People were expelled from the city and now they want to recharge their territory back. But zombies are just simply can not. Therefore you must choose the right strategy so that you get them all.…

Zombie DollsScore game

Free game - Zombie Dolls
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Your street attack zombie dolls. And as a true patriot, you are left to fight and protect your home. Read well as what is used in the heat of the game because you will not have time for anything other than destroy all the dolls. The game can also buy weapons, I highly recommend it. Because with each…

Animal MahjongScore game

Free game - Animal Mahjong
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If you do not play Mahjong, so it is a puzzle game that has very simple rules. The main task in this game is to mark the same two stones on the edge. If you mark the same stones will disappear and points will be added. But if you do not know how, so do not worry about anything. Just when you click…

Feed The MooksScore game

Free game - Feed The Mooks
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In this game you have to gradually remove all the cubes to the gray. No only a gray cube will not fall. If this happens starting from scratch. Dice remove any that you feed the right food. Everything will be explained at the beginning of the game. The game is logical and it is necessary to look at…

Stunt CrazyScore game

Free game - Stunt Crazy
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In this game you play on the stuntman. Your goal is to earn as much as the next film. This can lead easily. You have as much to demolish and destroy mainly. After all you will be able to repair the car and even a little better. The car already knows at the beginning of significant bits. You can with…

Math Challenge

Free game - Math Challenge
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This game is more for enthusiasts of mathematics. Since this will only deal with mathematical numbers. At the beginning you will see the board, and will be your task to the examples that appear in it will add the result. Examples are not easy but you will see that in time everyone succumbs to the…

Funny Love Puzzle

Free game - Funny Love Puzzle
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In this game you will be asked to pass one of the pictures that you choose at the beginning of the game. Everything is very simple because the image will remain as a model. Individual pieces you'll need to rotate the mouse-clicking. Then you only need to find the right place and the division has…

Moto Trial FestScore game

Free game - Moto Trial Fest
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Ride a proper trial. Zaskákejte to the rocks and logs. Be careful but that did not fall off the bike. Because of this you can very easily happen. Good balance is the bike that you do arrows.

Billy Bob BashScore game

Free game - Billy Bob Bash
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In this game you have as far shoot boy. The task is not difficult but should be well focused. First you will need to adjust the angle of shooting and then power. The further the better it will fly. Then you will be able to buy beer for the bonus other various improvements.

Pizza ProntoScore game

Free game - Pizza Pronto
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You opened his pizzeria, and now you have to get all worried about her. You'll have to start with basic recipes that you learn. Each pizza is made from something else so it'll have to learn. Place oven microwave oven is used here. At the beginning you experienced chef zaučí and then it will be just…

Paddle Ball

Free game - Paddle Ball
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Paddle Ball is basically a virtual ping pong where you have to keep his bat on the ball as long as possible, and what nejvíckrát pinknout with him. Bat control simply via mouse, but the game itself is not so simple because the ball can bounce treacherously, or run away.

Spin CardsScore game

Free game - Spin Cards
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In this fun logic game for one card is your task to the playing field full card erase all the cards so that 4 pieces of the same color to get a square marked in yellow and they will disappear. The cards let you rotate a square by clicking mouse and adjust the position so. Although how much time you…

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