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Jonas Brothers

Free game - Jonas Brothers
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There's a great dress up game inspired by the popular TV series. What kind of pants, shoes, shirts or T-shirts and a jacket, the hero you to look to your liking?

Wizards of Waverly

Free game - Wizards of Waverly
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Paint a trio of wizards of Waverly. According to their imagination (or the fair originals) they will be able to color clothes, choose the hair color and magic wands. So do not wait, the young heroes are waiting :)


Free game - Sakura
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Put The series favorite heroine Sakura. Oblíkačka This is, of course, than in the Japanese style. You can choose from a lot of various T-shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, stockings, shoes and unusual accessories.

Totally Spies Puzzle

Free game - Totally Spies Puzzle
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For all those who like Totally Spies Agent here are very nice puzzle in which you fold their picture. It will not be so easy but again, because this time and get the original image is composed of several irregularly spaced Agentek photos.
Free game - Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
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Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is an action fighting game in which you start with Batman to fight crime. Even if you have superhuman abilities, to defeat horde of enemies will not be easy. If you want to win, you must not have no mercy with your opponents and you must kill them before they destroy…

Winx Club Zuma

Free game - Winx Club Zuma
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For all who like Winx Club and also like to play games such as Zuma, there is the perfect combination. Remove balls by firing one connect three or more same color. The game also has a very hilarious graphics.
Free game - Batman: The Cobblebot Caper
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Come with Batman to fight against malicious bad guys in the city and create policy in the action game Batman The Cobblebot Caper. In the quest for justice will stand a lot of obstacles, but thanks to your superhuman strength and abilities you certainly overcome each lure and every enemy.

Tiles Of The Simpsons

Free game - Tiles Of The Simpsons
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Perfect puzzle game with my family Simpson in the lead role. Your task will be to remove the box with pictures of family members (always at least two same side). But it's not that simple. Fields are in several layers and how to delete a fall down gradually, so you can get at the dead point and…

Scooby Soccer

Free game - Scooby Soccer
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Scooby Soccer is a game not only for lovers of football and Scooby Doo. Learn how this well-known and beloved dog to play football. Scooby Doo is on the football stadium itself and wants to play with the ball. Keep it so that the ball did not fall as long as possible. Depending on how many times to…

Lasagna from Heaven

Free game - Lasagna from Heaven
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Eternally hungry Garfield lasgne fields falling into his mouth straight from heaven. Can you help him catch them all? But you must be careful, because in advanced channeling will fall from heaven, and things that definitely can not eat and they would have stepped lives.


Free game - Pokeride
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In this game you fly along with Ash the Pokemon Charizard from the series. Your task will be to help the two of them to collect all Pokeball, which are scattered along the way. But it will not so simple, you must avoid enemy Pokemons. If you bumped into them, or other obstacles, the game for you of…


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In this game worked flawlessly graphically you will feel like you really get into the Tasmanian Tiger series. Your task is to destroy all statues on a small island. So much so that Taz eats ham and spin up. But beware, it lurking natives who want to catch. You have three lives and time passes by…

Garfield Colouring

Free game - Garfield Colouring
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Paint your own Garfield. You will be able to choose from several nice images of this popular cartoon cat, which paint the of your dreams. It will look like in the series or do it on purpose to be purple? ;)

Bees in my Garden

Free game - Bees in my Garden
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The Hello Kitty cats garden came bees. She wants to lead but to the mailbox. Will you help her to get on letters and return back to the house to avoid the all the bees?

Who Bob What Pants

Free game - Who Bob What Pants
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Are you a serial cartoon kid who reminds a sponge on the board. Your classmates teasing you. Catch all of your opponents in bubbles. For every reward you get caught flashy - hairspray, wig .... Especially, do not get caught.

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