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Free game - Smurfs
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Help build Smurfs car. Mechanic smurf has a car and do not know how it is folded so that he needs someone to help with that. In return I will again suggest, at least you will know what belongs where.

Bart Simpson Saw

Free game - Bart Simpson Saw
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With Bart Simpsnem you got stuck in his school. What's worse, you try to kill the character of the SAW. Your goal is obviously to get from school thanks to the objects you find along the way and picked up. But you have to be careful, you never know who you in the waiting room. So be careful and help…
Free game - Tom a Jerry: Refriger Raiders
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This twin restless again intervenes. You can choose at what figure you want to play. If for Jerry and Tom. In each game you have other tasks but do not worry forces are balanced. So what are you waiting for come and try it.

Jonas Brothers

Free game - Jonas Brothers
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There's a great dress up game inspired by the popular TV series. What kind of pants, shoes, shirts or T-shirts and a jacket, the hero you to look to your liking?

Mall Brawl

Free game - Mall Brawl
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Robots invaded shopping center. Choose to start a girl you want to play and dispose of all robots. All important information is always to learn the event. Mainly you have to be careful that you did not hit any of the robots, because if it happened several times so the game ends. On the top left you…

Tricky Duck VolleyballScore game

Free game - Tricky Duck Volleyball
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Would you like to play volleyball, but does not want you out, or with whom you do? Then there's Tricky Duck Volleyball, where you can play at will in and through the famous duck characters. You can choose from several aobtížností, then spacebar odbíjíte ball and arrows to move around the pitch.
Free game - SpongeBob Trail of the Snail
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In this game you will find Spongeho best friend, while he played with Sponge bat as he lost his friend snail. Other friends tell him where he finds a snail but they must perform their tasks.

Tiles Of The Simpsons

Free game - Tiles Of The Simpsons
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Perfect puzzle game with my family Simpson in the lead role. Your task will be to remove the box with pictures of family members (always at least two same side). But it's not that simple. Fields are in several layers and how to delete a fall down gradually, so you can get at the dead point and…

Ninja turtles

Free game - Ninja turtles
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Surely you remember as a little ninja turtles. This game is exactly such as you remember all the serial parts and also from the magazine. The graphics are fairly decent and the controls are simple. You will receive tasks that you need to perform. These missions are very different and do not worry…
Free game - Bart Simpson Skateboarding
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Another game with popular serial hero Bart Simpson is here, this time as a platform game. Pass under and skip obstacles on your skateboard and try to get away as quickly as possible.

Funny Love Puzzle

Free game - Funny Love Puzzle
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In this game you will be asked to pass one of the pictures that you choose at the beginning of the game. Everything is very simple because the image will remain as a model. Individual pieces you'll need to rotate the mouse-clicking. Then you only need to find the right place and the division has…

Prison Break Breakout

Free game - Prison Break Breakout
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This series is very well known here as a game. You will be able to empathize with the role of the protagonist of this series. Your task will be to get out of jail. But you have to be very careful. Because of course the prison guards walk everywhere. You can only walk and jump, no special features…

Garfield Dress Up

Free game - Garfield Dress Up
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Other dress up game. This time the cat Garfield. What this dress up game add a great game in which you can put Garfield on your own. The choice you'll have plenty of things that the cat fit as a glove.

Batman Versus Mr Freeze

Free game - Batman Versus Mr Freeze
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Batman once again protects the city against another villain. Since you play as Batman, so your task is very simple. Discard the villain, using bullets that you throw at him. Shoot straight up it up and press the up arrow. Otherwise, it is easy to control because they move with the arrows.

Jetix Soccer

Free game - Jetix Soccer
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This game is now popular all football fans. Here you will be able to play football in 3D and it very well. Operation is simple, players control using the arrow keys and spacebar. Players will switch automatically depending of which one is closest to the ball. If you can not start the game you have…

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