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Free game - Moorhuhn
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There's a classic between games, during which they experienced players certainly going to talk about the "good old days" - Moorhuhn. Shoot within the time limit as much as possible-flying birds. Remember to recharge and unwind the (now almost retro) game enjoy :)

Turret Tower Attack 2Score game

Free game - Turret Tower Attack 2
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You control a guard tower where you have one weapon. Suddenly, against a lot of people will emerge and attack you. Of course it is your job to destroy all. Do not give them a chance to dispose of all as soon as possible. You will see that this game very quickly grabs. Be sure to aim well as every…

Magic Witch

Free game - Magic Witch
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In this game, with witches, they do not shoot a little unusual, but you are the witches. You have to hit as many of these flying figures of different colors and it is the stones that have the same color. They napružíte rubber mouse on the stars and shoot.

Hitstick 4

Free game - Hitstick 4
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In this game you become an assassin, and you fulfill a mission here. At the beginning you have to choose a mission and weapons. Guns select two and head out to perform the task.

Witch Power Practice

Free game - Witch Power Practice
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This game is inspired by the popular series Witch. Most graphics at its main characters. Legally one can be one of five witches choose and carry it through magic and destroy enemies. The more enemies within the time spell (space bar) hit, the more points you get.

Top Defense

Free game - Top Defense
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Protect your base from enemy attack vehicles in tower defense Top Tower. You will have a wide arsenal of weapons to help you dispose of any dangerous opponent and preventing damage to your base.

Cosmic CommanderScore game

Free game - Cosmic Commander
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Cosmic Commander is a space shooter with great graphics, in which your spacecraft will fight against the ever growing number of enemy vessels. The most important thing is to avoid all the bullets of your enemies and collect enough money for each destroyed ship.

Defend your nuts

Free game - Defend your nuts
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Little squirrel must at all costs to defend their nuts against enemy characters that armed attacks on her. But not far behind squirrel. In this endeavor it helps the protective fence, mines and prevent the bow and arrow. Once you eliminate your enemies, proceed to the next round and fight again.…

Pothead Zombies

Free game - Pothead Zombies
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Zastřílejte a zombie. You and the other a helping hand, you will be tasked to protect the wall. Which you away from zombies who attack you constantly. Each round you will be able to buy better weapons. And this weapon can still get better. In each round of the you will try to get a new zombie, so…

Mafia Revenge

Free game - Mafia Revenge
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You adjutant Mafia boss, whom your eyes re killed. Now traveling on the path of revenge. Path of no return. Come to avenge his boss and friend.

Meme InvadersScore game

Free game - Meme Invaders
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Meme Invaders is a game full of additional specific Troll faces. This time you are in the role of a small teddy bear, which must shoot all the trolls before they hit him. You can not hide behind the brick, but even the trolls will eventually shooting out (and be careful so that you do not destroy…

Zombie DollsScore game

Free game - Zombie Dolls
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Your street attack zombie dolls. And as a true patriot, you are left to fight and protect your home. Read well as what is used in the heat of the game because you will not have time for anything other than destroy all the dolls. The game can also buy weapons, I highly recommend it. Because with each…

Archers Duty

Free game - Archers Duty
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You will become the protector of the last tower that holds the enemy from the unprotected penetration of the royal territory. You decide whether the UK will be taken. In each round you will go to a few soldiers, you should hit them with an arrow before they destroy your tower. For every soldier…

SWAT Awesome Edition

Free game - SWAT Awesome Edition
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Great game in which you become a sniper. At night on the roof of a skyscraper you must hit the opponent before he hits you. You can hide behind the wall, where recharging, but after vykouknutí you shoot your opponent as quickly or lose their lives. After the loss of one life for you, although the…

Transformer 3

Free game - Transformer 3
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In this game you have to play as Optimus. Its mission is to destroy all the space ships. All controls are very simple. When you move the screen with arrows. And if you want to shoot so just to press the space bar.

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