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Monster Truck ManiacScore game

Free game - Monster Truck Maniac
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One of the older games where you have to get away with a car on the track. The main task is to get the car to the track as far as possible and that you got as far as you ride the bomb. Each bomb gets you on and on but watch out for mud, in which mud is very easy to get stuck, or at least slow down.

Bloons Supermonkey

Free game - Bloons Supermonkey
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In this game you will become superpanem, or rather super-monkeys, and you will be tasked shoot most Blonka inflatable flying from the sky. It's not so hard, because your monkey burns constantly and basically you have a mouse to correct its flight direction and shooting. For each balloon shot down…


Free game - Solitaire
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This game is a classic Solitare game. Where will your job consist of cards so that consecutive values ​​have formed in the cards. You always turns black and a red card in a single column. Once you have the card so it sorted so you have to click through so that you have included the upper range of…

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