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Where is the smurf?

Free game - Where is the smurf?
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In this game you have to find all six smurf. Once you start playing so you will also ruthlessly cut the time for which you should find a smurf. So hurry and see where you would find smurf.

Smurfs and sport

Free game - Smurfs and sport
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A game for the little athlete. The game was well exercise observation and sporting events. Your task is to recognize that what makes the sport Smurf. When you know so take sports equipment and give him Smurfs. If he remains in the hands and keep going on, if the equipment back into the box so that…

Smurf´s bakery

Free game - Smurf´s bakery
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The Smurf drop their precious bakery products. Help Smurf caught all before they fall to the ground and finally to smash.


Free game - Smurfs
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Help build Smurfs car. Mechanic smurf has a car and do not know how it is folded so that he needs someone to help with that. In return I will again suggest, at least you will know what belongs where.

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