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The Space Game: Mission

Free game - The Space Game: Mission
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The Space Game: Mission is the perfect strategy game in which you need to build a powerful space base capable to resist any hostile attacks. In order to have sufficient funds for the construction of buildings, it is necessary to produce minerals and energy that you get from the buildings.


Free game - Solarmax
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It is an excellent strategy game in which you can at least for a while the master systems. At the beginning you will have one planet and your task will occupy another planet. But that does not stop it, some planets will defend your dominion. And some will want to dominate you again. So you have to…

Casual SpaceScore game

Free game - Casual Space
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Casual Space is nice action game in which you control a small spaceship. Your goal in each level is to collect all the gold stars and the open space gate to the next level. You must to avoid asteroids, which impact could easily destroy you.

Fly Hard 2

Free game - Fly Hard 2
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Fly Hard 2 is a space shooter with epic introduction, in which we are tasked with a simple mouse control to shoot down as many nepřátelkých ships. For each available then we get the diamonds, but which we must gather even more of space, so it was not so simple.

Cosmic CommanderScore game

Free game - Cosmic Commander
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Cosmic Commander is a space shooter with great graphics, in which your spacecraft will fight against the ever growing number of enemy vessels. The most important thing is to avoid all the bullets of your enemies and collect enough money for each destroyed ship.

Zenon Mega Blast

Free game - Zenon Mega Blast
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In this game, you Become a space pilot aircraft defense unit That is designed to destroy an enemy army of various flying machines. Do you have unlimited supply of Basically ammo, so just press the right mouse button and enemies is over. For simple control you Would Not Be a problem to meet the…

Shelter From Warm

Free game - Shelter From Warm
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In the game you have to save their homeland. On our Mother earth is rushing a lot of objects which it destroys. Are you clicking on these items are discarded. On some subjects you need to click on just one single click and hold. Themselves after a while you know how that subject.


Free game - Moontype
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This game is very unusual. Do you own a month and your task is to defend it. Of course, for you can attack all ships. And you must destroy these ships. Your guide will rocket straight to the names of ships. So, always write the name of the ship or rocket ship and this rocket is sent from you to…

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