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Snowboarding Supreme 2

Free game - Snowboarding Supreme 2
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To cool in hot summer? Try to snowboard. Choose a character to go, depending on whether you put the emphasis on speed or jumps. Then you go the best ride to get as many points from the jury!

Crazy Skates

Free game - Crazy Skates
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Come skate on the lake. Your guide will be none other than Fred Flintstone himself. Very easy to use and the speed of his movements but you must avoid all obstacles and holes in the ice. It is also good to collect dobrůdky that you (Fred) will give you energy and is so far away.

Bowling kids shake

Free game - Bowling kids shake
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Do you like bowling or skittles? Then this game is right for you. Choose a virtual opponent and you can start the game. The only task is difficult but well-mouse head, and nepřešlápnout schodit his throw more pins than your opponent.

Reel Fishing

Free game - Reel Fishing
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Play for a lazy fisherman done. Zachytej the fish from the comfort of home. You will have four lures and you have to catch as many catches. Nahodíš bait so that You set the arrows to the right and left direction of swing. When you want to crank just hold the up arrow in the left upper part you will…

Tricky Duck VolleyballScore game

Free game - Tricky Duck Volleyball
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Would you like to play volleyball, but does not want you out, or with whom you do? Then there's Tricky Duck Volleyball, where you can play at will in and through the famous duck characters. You can choose from several aobtížností, then spacebar odbíjíte ball and arrows to move around the pitch.

The King of Fighters Wing

Free game - The King of Fighters Wing
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Game for the fresh one, but what is better for two friends who want to weigh virtually forces. The available you will have many special kicks, punches, evasive maneuvers, ... Just fighting game as it should be.

Bomb Fishing

Free game - Bomb Fishing
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In this game you can go fishing in a different way. You'll ride a boat and catching fish. Ted catch is a bad term because it will kill fish bombs. What you throw in front of your ship. Once a fish swim up so you have to collect it. But watch out whether a bomb destroy another ship. Because it…

Paddle Ball

Free game - Paddle Ball
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Paddle Ball is basically a virtual ping pong where you have to keep his bat on the ball as long as possible, and what nejvíckrát pinknout with him. Bat control simply via mouse, but the game itself is not so simple because the ball can bounce treacherously, or run away.


Free game - Golfman
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A lot of fun, but challenging golf. You must first see what is the way to the hole, whether there are trees, lakes, sand, or other obstructions. Then select the correct strength to swing. Your goal is to hit the hole on the minimum number of shots.

Sonar Challenge

Free game - Sonar Challenge
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In this game with excellent graphics, you are responsible for nothing more than keep the mouse in the air through football. But it's not an easy task as it may seem at first sight ...
Free game - Super Mario Strikers - Heady UP
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Become known for a while and all the popular Super Mario and he will play with the ball hlavičkovanou. Your task is nenchat it not for a moment fall. The motion will then serve the arrow.

Just a Volley

Free game - Just a Volley
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A fun sports game where you can play with a friend a virtual volleyball. You choose the intensity, color figures, for which you want to play with enthusiasm into it. Fire the ball, let it fall and defeat an opponent.

Funny Fishing

Free game - Funny Fishing
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Attend fishing in extra girlish submission with two beautiful girls Bratz. They fish in the wild or on board a yacht? And what do you dress for the occasion? Everything depends only on your imagination.

Mini Putt 3

Free game - Mini Putt 3
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Do you like golf? And you do not have time for him, or is out badly? Never mind, miniature golf you can play as well. The beautiful game that you'll now be able to play and you without you leaving your chair. The rules are simple, try to get the ball into the hole in as few attempts. When you lead…

Ready? Fire!

Free game - Ready? Fire!
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What are the shooters at the races, you can simply try this game. Take your weapon and show you what shooters. You have a choice of several levels of difficulty, you always show three targets and your task is to hit as accurately as possible. Everything is the time limit so you will not have much…

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