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Iron Overlord

Free game - Iron Overlord
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In the game you play on the builder and protector. You'll be your castle in places where you have to earn money and then invest in the army. Army send straight to the enemy. You will also need to invest in much better weapons to the enemy you will not.

Hotel Mogul

Free game - Hotel Mogul
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In this game you take the work site manager. You will be responsible for selling and buying real estate especially with their reconstruction. You will build houses but also various fast food and the like. Just do what your employer is not wanted. You will also have tasks where you have to have some…

Ultimate War

Free game - Ultimate War
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Who played Dragon's Lair so this game should definitely play me l. You can choose to start at the character you play. And then just buy at war, and soldiers. Your task is to get as many boxes. Well actually in the end all. As regards the fight in which they compete for the field, so you can choose…


Free game - Solarmax
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It is an excellent strategy game in which you can at least for a while the master systems. At the beginning you will have one planet and your task will occupy another planet. But that does not stop it, some planets will defend your dominion. And some will want to dominate you again. So you have to…

Prizma Puzzle

Free game - Prizma Puzzle
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Awesome game that would have hardly guessed by name. In the game you have to connect power through several towers to the main. You must always keep an eye on it to give you energy throughout the round have been received. It is therefore good to choose a path through the tower which will give you…

Big Mansion

Free game - Big Mansion
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Play for real estate broker. Skupujte for the cheapest price and then sell them for what the most expensive. First you need to start buying small houses, but for the time you get to buy even the larger ones. Do not sleep on our laurels because the business is still moving. Therefore it is better to…

Castle Crusade

Free game - Castle Crusade
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In this game you will decide how the king and win the war. Since you still have problems with someone so you fight. The main task in this game is, of course, win. And it becomes the only way that you always have the upper hand and will properly distribute tasks. On the top you will see a panel that…

McDonald's Video Game

Free game - McDonald's Video Game
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If you want to try how it feels to do business in the fast food and you do not have to make you buy a license from the Mc Donalds, never mind. In this you will be able to try everything. And straight from cattle, soy after dispensing with cheesburgerama lectern. Well just have to run around you so…

Donut Empire

Free game - Donut Empire
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Open stand with Donuts and become king of this dish. The only thing that is important to always be prepared, mainly in terms of stocks. Also give too high a price are not always paid. What trading strategy you choose is up to you. But remember that you'll have to calculate everything before you open…


Free game - Rizk
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On this planet you have to extract the purple mass. Once you find a map on this matter so you must send it to the robot that the mass removals. The game is over if vytěžíte enough mass, and your main base gets the highest level. That's not all, you must also defend the mining robots and the main…

Bug War 2

Free game - Bug War 2
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Very good game that is the occupation of houses. The cast of each house, you need a sufficient number of troops. It will automatically decaying house forms. The more houses you own the more troops you have. At the beginning the main task as quickly as possible to occupy empty houses. Then you just…

Zombie Trailer ParkScore game

Free game - Zombie Trailer Park
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This game is another very povedeným zombie games. I think anyone who likes strategy, so I love this game. People were expelled from the city and now they want to recharge their territory back. But zombies are just simply can not. Therefore you must choose the right strategy so that you get them all.…

South Pole Agressor

Free game - South Pole Agressor
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Another hilarious type Tower defense game is here. This time you get into the role of penguins. Who struggle for life. Place the penguins around ways to kill all the units are the way they want to go through. Each penguin has other money and other things can. For each destroyed enemy unit get money…

Stake Your Claim

Free game - Stake Your Claim
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Very interesting game where you have to distribute the second king of the land. The game is a challenge take a lot of ground. To do so close that particular field. Who closes a space as the last one that gained ground. You can also get it by přilepšit land that is wearing a gold nugget. This is…

Battle Gear All Defence

Free game - Battle Gear All Defence
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In this game you will be tasked to defend their positions destroy the enemy. You will become general and the only task is to defend your position. For every killed soldier, you get the money from which you buy more troops. You have to buy better soldiers than the enemy. But in the end the strategy…

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