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TG Motocross

Free game - TG Motocross
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Would you like to ride a motorbike and you can not? This game will offer it through a very realistic simulation of riding a motocross bike. The graphics are a bit worse here you meet with a very difficult terrain, which is not easy to overcome. When I dare you to do various tricks.

Barbie Bike Stylin

Free game - Barbie Bike Stylin
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In this game, favorite Barbie decided to go into difficult terrain by bike. Along the way, has the option to collect the gems for points and individual pieces of clothing and equipment. When you get right, you'll be able to change clothes collected icons and Barbie for real change.


Free game - Alex-trax
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Alex-trax is a game in which the game includes a bike in a really interesting field. Your task is to get as far as possible, collect Bodíky and what's more, in a truly inhospitable landscape on the bike not to fall. For an inexperienced user will be possible in speed a little more challenging…

Help Cinderella Escape

Free game - Help Cinderella Escape
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For this game will be excited all who love stories and especially Cinderella. You will have the task is to transport her in her beautiful silver chariot night city home before midnight and hits the back carriage turns into a pumpkin and the horses of the mouse. This, unfortunately, but you can…

RaceHorse Tycoon

Free game - RaceHorse Tycoon
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Become te owner of racing stables with everything on it belongs. You own a horse, train them. And through them earn money. Of course you can also bet on horse races. The game requires skill businesslike, balance sheet, but also the willingness to take risks. Just as it is in this business really is.

Atomic Racer

Free game - Atomic Racer
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In this game you become a hero who has his car, an important task. And catch up truck with nuclear waste, shoot him with a rocket to prevent nuclear catastrophe. But watch out, move on the highway in full operation, where you must avoid other cars and obstacles.

Coal Express 3Score game

Free game - Coal Express 3
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In the game you drive a train you must bring order to the next station. Difficulty of the route will gradually increase. At every turn you have a time limit, if it is to not do nevlezete level. It is still afflicted by the cargo, which are carrying. The number of imported items you will be rewarded…

Bratz Racing Stars

Free game - Bratz Racing Stars
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In this game you choose your character, vehicle (car or scooter), its color and its own name and then let's go to the streets where you have to also collect gold stars.

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