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Transformers tunnel rush

Free game - Transformers tunnel rush
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In this unusual game, Transformers is your special robot combat aircraft. He rushes through the tunnel closed with a number of obstacles, but also the ranking of shooting targets. You as the pilots have to avoid all the obstacles, everything down and convenient to have the best time. This game will…

Transformer 3

Free game - Transformer 3
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In this game you have to play as Optimus. Its mission is to destroy all the space ships. All controls are very simple. When you move the screen with arrows. And if you want to shoot so just to press the space bar.

Transformers atak

Free game - Transformers atak
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Transformers attack is a game to test your perception, speed and reflexes. Your task is to shoot what is most revealing is attacking, fighting robots and in a very short time. The more distant (and thus smaller) robot you can shoot, the more points you get for it.

Transformers Prestige

Free game - Transformers Prestige
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In the game Transformers Prestige is fighting robot in charge of your hands as the fastest route to conquer the obstacle and nazbírat at what the most valuable Bodíky. You control it easily while pan in all directions. The only drawback to this otherwise very fun game, is perhaps the imperfect…
Free game - Transformes Animated
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In this simple game with nice graphics can be through a menu from which you select the mouse to build your own combat robot. It can tune in a nice color and style, or a riot of color, have a disparate body parts and size of weapons. Everything is just up to you. His creations can finally print. I…

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