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Free game - Witch
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In this game you get into the world of classic fairy tale of Hansel and Marie. These two children are trapped in a cage in the house of the evil witch, and you are using things in the house music free.

Magic Witch

Free game - Magic Witch
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In this game, with witches, they do not shoot a little unusual, but you are the witches. You have to hit as many of these flying figures of different colors and it is the stones that have the same color. They napružíte rubber mouse on the stars and shoot.

Witch Power Practice

Free game - Witch Power Practice
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This game is inspired by the popular series Witch. Most graphics at its main characters. Legally one can be one of five witches choose and carry it through magic and destroy enemies. The more enemies within the time spell (space bar) hit, the more points you get.

Witches' Brew

Free game - Witches' Brew
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In this game you play a young witch who has the task to produce an elixir. To you it will be easier to have on hand a large lexicon potions. According to him, it is necessary to cook the potion. If you keep your ingredients and their quantities so after mixing the potion turns yellow and begins to…

Teenage Witch

Free game - Teenage Witch
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Prepare your young witch in the right flight over the city. Select her shoes, clothes, everything from the magical clothing so that it is to your liking.

Sue little witch

Free game - Sue little witch
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Sue is a little witch, and you just mix a potion to change form. Help her choose the right ingredients to make it happen again baby, cat, or princess. The selection of bottles, fruit, or animals of ingredients you will do just simple mouse control.

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