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Free game - Yeti Sports: Bloody Penguin
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Another part of the Yeti Sports games to test your observation and accuracy of your mouse to click, here. Again, you have to bat away a penguin leaping from rock, straight into the wound Yetimu club. However, this time in a lot bloodier form. Penguins can fly farther because when the impact hit the…

Yeti Sports 2

Free game - Yeti Sports 2
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This part of the Yeti popular entertainment, where it feeds into the penguins, for you will not be easy. He is a penguin, whale, and he pitches (ie you) to hit him, then the snow ball so that it pressed on the opposite glacier. In addition, as close to the center target. It looks simple, but the…

Yeti Sports 1

Free game - Yeti Sports 1
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The first part of the great funny games, when you itch and participants in the popular Yeti Sports - Penguin batting, is here. Your goal, therefore, is at the right time to launch this bird so that it flew away. That's not so easy, but all the more fun you can convince yourself ...

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