Free game - Gibbets
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Gibbets is truly original game in which you will practice your ability to accurately aim the mouse, but mainly a lot of fun. Your task is to save the figure with hanging on the gallows. So much so, that shoot arrows at their ropes and is trying to overshoot before launch condemned soul. But when you…

Pink ArcherScore game

Free game - Pink Archer
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In this game you are trying to archers and shoot the most points. In the pink dress you ourselves because someone stole your. In each round you fire certain number of points. But do not worry all subjects except perhaps countries are scored. So at least the first three rounds of each handle. So the…

Ready? Fire!

Free game - Ready? Fire!
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What are the shooters at the races, you can simply try this game. Take your weapon and show you what shooters. You have a choice of several levels of difficulty, you always show three targets and your task is to hit as accurately as possible. Everything is the time limit so you will not have much…

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