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Zombotron 2

Free game - Zombotron 2
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In the latter part of the perfect shooter game Zombotron again go to war against the zombies. With a number of different weapons Beat all opponents and get to the finish. The original story, great graphics, good gameplay and control are sure to please you and bring a great gaming experience.

Ninja turtles

Free game - Ninja turtles
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Surely you remember as a little ninja turtles. This game is exactly such as you remember all the serial parts and also from the magazine. The graphics are fairly decent and the controls are simple. You will receive tasks that you need to perform. These missions are very different and do not worry…

Meat Boner

Free game - Meat Boner
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In this game you'll play the skeleton around destroying other monsters and skeletons. You have a very good feature that can stun your opponents skull. Then, just to have him come and dismantle it into pieces. The controls are very simple and very good is that if more monsters at you so he can…

Action Man

Free game - Action Man
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Action Man is a cool action shooter in which the the hero go to the territory full of enemy troops. With weapons in hand, you have shoot over way to liberate the prisoners and get to the end where you will be lurking boss.

Plazma Burst

Free game - Plazma Burst
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In this great shooter must, of course, to destroy your opponent. At the beginning you have a choice of three weapons that can be optionally rotated. Can you survive and pass all the levels?

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