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Free game - Glassez
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Beautiful graphics, great gameplay, gradually increasing intensity ... all in excellent puzzle game Glassez, which will certainly grabs. The goal is to completely fill the whole complicated shape, which is divided into irregular sections. And it is in these sections fit individual pieces that you…


Free game - Abaku
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This relatively challenging math game you play with a real opponent. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible in composing mathematical examples of past winning numbers that you have available. Your example must always follow the numbers already in the game field and are used for each…

Flood Fill

Free game - Flood Fill
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Flood Fill is a puzzle game where your task will be paint a variety of patterns, so that side by side are not two faces of the same color. Initially, the game will seem like you can be too easy, but once you get into the higher levels, you have to do to complete them successfully.

ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2Score game

Free game - ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2
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The second part of the Puzzle ClikPlay Rainbow brings you a new batch of minigames in which your task will be to discover a black arrow. But before you get to the arrow must correctly solve the riddle or logic puzzle that you expect in each round.

ClickPLAY RainbowScore game

Free game - ClickPLAY Rainbow
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ClickPLAY Rainbow is a series of fun mini-games that will please the little ones, but also many adults. In every minigame will be your job to get themselves into black-and-white arrow that is pressed will move you to the next round. The arrow is usually hidden in the playing area, or you must decode…

Parking Zone

Free game - Parking Zone
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This game is a bit different parkovačka. In the game you had more cars, according to the color you need to get to their parking lot. Once you manage it, and advance to the next round. The game is very simple in the beginning but with the passing wheels will complain. Let's try what you are masters…

Stake Your Claim

Free game - Stake Your Claim
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Very interesting game where you have to distribute the second king of the land. The game is a challenge take a lot of ground. To do so close that particular field. Who closes a space as the last one that gained ground. You can also get it by přilepšit land that is wearing a gold nugget. This is…


Free game - enDice
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Tormented yours brains in this interesting but difficult game. You start with a number of blocks that you need to get to their place. On each cube is a number that indicates the number of shifts. At the end there shall be no number. It can move one cube of the second one.

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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