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Tentacle Wars

Free game - Tentacle Wars
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Grind all the parasites. Yes in this game you play for real cells that multiply and then fight with others. Draw the arrow to the parasites or cell, and multiply.


Free game - Solarmax
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It is an excellent strategy game in which you can at least for a while the master systems. At the beginning you will have one planet and your task will occupy another planet. But that does not stop it, some planets will defend your dominion. And some will want to dominate you again. So you have to…

Ultimate War

Free game - Ultimate War
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Who played Dragon's Lair so this game should definitely play me l. You can choose to start at the character you play. And then just buy at war, and soldiers. Your task is to get as many boxes. Well actually in the end all. As regards the fight in which they compete for the field, so you can choose…

Bug War 2

Free game - Bug War 2
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Very good game that is the occupation of houses. The cast of each house, you need a sufficient number of troops. It will automatically decaying house forms. The more houses you own the more troops you have. At the beginning the main task as quickly as possible to occupy empty houses. Then you just…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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Free game - Duck Shooter
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Free game - Mahjong kitchen 1
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Free game - Barbie Care N Cure
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Free game - Prehistorik 2
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