The Space Game: Mission

Free game - The Space Game: Mission
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The Space Game: Mission is the perfect strategy game in which you need to build a powerful space base capable to resist any hostile attacks. In order to have sufficient funds for the construction of buildings, it is necessary to produce minerals and energy that you get from the buildings.

Island Tribe 3

Free game - Island Tribe 3
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There's a super sequel strategy game Island Tribe. Fill other interesting tasks on their newly populated island. With the help of wood, water, stone and other raw materials, repair or place whatever is needed to make the whole island could become your home.

Empire Of The Galaldur

Free game - Empire Of The Galaldur
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Awesome strategy game in which you ruler. Your goal in this game as much as possible to improve their city. And to attack the city around, and soon the city will be around your subject so everything will be in the neighborhood. I think that the task is quite plain and simple, so what are you waiting…

Island Tribe 2

Free game - Island Tribe 2
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Build a new civilization on the pristine island in the really very good strategy game. In each round you get a few tasks that you need to fulfill (build totems, pyramids, roads, ...). The way you did it is necessary to collect firewood, getting water, stones, copper and other raw materials and those…

Iron Overlord

Free game - Iron Overlord
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In the game you play on the builder and protector. You'll be your castle in places where you have to earn money and then invest in the army. Army send straight to the enemy. You will also need to invest in much better weapons to the enemy you will not.

Hotel Mogul

Free game - Hotel Mogul
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In this game you take the work site manager. You will be responsible for selling and buying real estate especially with their reconstruction. You will build houses but also various fast food and the like. Just do what your employer is not wanted. You will also have tasks where you have to have some…


Free game - Rizk
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On this planet you have to extract the purple mass. Once you find a map on this matter so you must send it to the robot that the mass removals. The game is over if vytěžíte enough mass, and your main base gets the highest level. That's not all, you must also defend the mining robots and the main…

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