Cannon shooting

Troll Cannon

Free game - Troll Cannon
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Troll Cannon is a fun puzzle game of the series MEME. The main heroes are drawing trolls and I'm sure you will like it;) Graphics, as well as the concept of all games MEME is very quirky and often more like a parody of the classic game. That's certainly more fun. This time, thus Shoot from cannon…

Ragdoll Pirates

Free game - Ragdoll Pirates
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Horde of sinister pirates trying to conquer your island and you need them to do this to prevent. With the help of gun it is necessary to ward off pirate attacks, none may penetrate up to you, otherwise you lose a life. Pirates can defuse cannon balls or using special weapons.

Boom Boom Bloon

Free game - Boom Boom Bloon
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In the game your job is always shot down by cannon blue balloons. Conversely yellow balloon must always remain intact. Yellow balloon, then you need to relax, that flew. As you progress to other levels, the game will be difficult. You will need obstřelit various obstacles that you have in your way.…

Cripple Cannon

Free game - Cripple Cannon
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The main task in this brutal game is to get retired in the ambulance. So the way pensioners get into an ambulance is very brutal. But on the other hand, even a little funny. The trip will give pensioners these things to get as close to the ambulance. You do not have to use all things available to…
Free game - Roly-Poly: Bloody Monsters Pack
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In the game you will have a very simple task. Destroy all monsters. But sometimes it sounds easier than it can be done. The game is logical, and after a while you find that you need to select multiple attempts to make you successful. For each round will receive points, you will be counted with every…

Mushroom Cannon 2

Free game - Mushroom Cannon 2
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Very interesting game in which the challenge is to get the ball into the bucket. It sounds very simple but so easy it's not. You have to measure out the correct height and strength of shot. In the game you will have some obstacles so that's really not easy.

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