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Blade StrikerScore game

Free game - Blade Striker
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In this game you can pour in a helicopter and transport goods that gives your superiors order. The way you fly you have to literally shoot our way, because your enemies are waiting everywhere. After the road transport at several packages with humanitarian aid and you have to be careful that you did…

Truck LoaderScore game

Free game - Truck Loader
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In this very precious game you play for the loading robot. Which has the task as quickly as possible to convert the box to its destination. At work, you need a good look, because you never know how tricky it may be loading boxes into the car. The controls are very nice, although at first glance seem…

Truck Loader 2

Free game - Truck Loader 2
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A second sequel, which will surely you as successful as the first. In this game you play on the bill of the robot. Your task is to get some boxes into the vehicle as soon as possible in order to go and deliver them. But there are more tasks a and you will not always be so simple. This game is on…

Air TransporterScore game

Free game - Air Transporter
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This very simple game will certainly serve well as oddechovka. Control in this game is very simple, although it seems the exact opposite. The movement of helicopters can be controlled using the mouse. And the rest of the functions using the keyboard. Of course, this game will be counted as time that…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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