The Light Temple

Free game - The Light Temple
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In this game you are trying to get into figure with two goals. But be careful of each doll has a different property. Blue doll is made of water and red is the fire. So during the game to find out how each of these treat doll. After the route you will need to complete the figure with plenty of…

Forest Temple

Free game - Forest Temple
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In this interesting game you control a figure with even two at once - the blue and red. With them proceed forward, always up to the door at the end of round. However, you must be careful to not fall into the blue doll red water and vice versa.

The Serum Aftermath

Free game - The Serum Aftermath
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Very hilarious game where you fight back the zombies. In the game you can really enjoy themselves. Because the zombie will be here a lot. In addition, to help you have a friend who will be watching your back. Your main task is to light a fire, burn it only with the help of gasoline you have to…

Pheus and Mor

Free game - Pheus and Mor
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Pheus and Mor is a puzzle platform game in which your task is to help the boy and his dog find a way of intricate and challenging levels. Getting to your destination is only possible by their cooperation. The game, however, among other things, will also require a good dose of logical thinking that…

All That Matters

Free game - All That Matters
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All That Matters is a puzzle game in which your goal is in each round to get all the family to the door to the next level. This will require mutual cooperation and a lot of logical thinking, because each member of the family is full of other special features.

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