Miami SharkScore game

Free game - Miami Shark
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Well after a long time I can say that I have a lot of fun. In fact, although such a shark did not survive much longer but that computer survives only thanks to you. This shark is a very big game rest. U definitely need to relax. Your task is to inflict as much damage as fraud and above water. A…

Mass Mayhem 3

Free game - Mass Mayhem 3
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In the game you play the terrorist. Your task is to kill as many people as possible. Initially, you decide how you will look like. Then you are traveling on the individual wheels, which use a wide range of weapons to destroy everything around you. For the number of victims will receive money from…

War Machine

Free game - War Machine
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In the game you become a driver of the vehicle the Hummer and drive through the countryside where you have to destroy the enemy. The game counts your time and everything on the road kill. At the beginning of the game you will learn everything all the controls of your new car. So what are you waiting…

Stunt CrazyScore game

Free game - Stunt Crazy
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In this game you play on the stuntman. Your goal is to earn as much as the next film. This can lead easily. You have as much to demolish and destroy mainly. After all you will be able to repair the car and even a little better. The car already knows at the beginning of significant bits. You can with…
Free game - T-Rex Prehistoric Pizza
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In this game you play a wild dinosaur. It will run around town and destroying homes. The houses is sometimes hidden pizza. And that's what you need to fall down from exhaustion. Houses can destroy both ways so you can yell out to houses in the neighborhood gangs of looters grabbing, or you can drop…
Free game - Monster Truck Demolisher
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Demolisher Monster Truck racing is a classic game in which you must be as fast as possible and also to destroy as many obstacles. And because it has the subtitle "Demolisher", your priority will be to destroy the other cars. For speed of course also get points, but not so much.

Olgoj Chorchoj

Free game - Olgoj Chorchoj
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Olgoj Chorchoj is a brutal game inspired by the legend of a giant worm that eats everything and all what comes up. Such a worm unfortunately there really only has real dimensions and delving into their victims muscle. But you'll be able to enjoy the dark atmosphere of fear and people from his…

Death Worm

Free game - Death Worm
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Ancient worm woke up and plagues all of Egypt. Your happiness is that you are playing a role in the worm, so you can destroy and harass local residents. Your main activity is to eat anything that moves on the surface. And not only humans but also animals cars and aircraft. On the plane you need to…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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