Fish Tales Deluxe

Free game - Fish Tales Deluxe
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In this game you are a small fish in the sea. You to be strong you must eat other fish. If you are so clever when you go fish will also grow. The more that you will be able to eat more and more larger fish. But be careful that you yourself do not become food. Once fed into the rich, the game ends…

Olgoj Chorchoj

Free game - Olgoj Chorchoj
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Olgoj Chorchoj is a brutal game inspired by the legend of a giant worm that eats everything and all what comes up. Such a worm unfortunately there really only has real dimensions and delving into their victims muscle. But you'll be able to enjoy the dark atmosphere of fear and people from his…


Free game - Crocodile
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This game is definitely not about babies caring and generally not suitable for the faint of heart. Play is for you crocodile and your task will be as many children eat. Restrictions have a time limit, and so it will want to really good point;)

Death Worm

Free game - Death Worm
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Ancient worm woke up and plagues all of Egypt. Your happiness is that you are playing a role in the worm, so you can destroy and harass local residents. Your main activity is to eat anything that moves on the surface. And not only humans but also animals cars and aircraft. On the plane you need to…

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