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Harry the Hamster 2

Free game - Harry the Hamster 2
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Harry the Hamster 2 is a great game in which the hamsters Harry go on an adventurous journey around the world. Your task is to find all the pieces of the golden wheel, which are hidden around the world. However, you also have to collect various items to help you get through the tricky obstacles.

Harry The Hamster

Free game - Harry The Hamster
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Save the poor hamster fled before the evil cat. When he was let out of the cage, or passed your time to prepare, this can only move rostomilĂ˝ rodent path, which he put together. Your task then is to get him safely pres playing field to his house. But beware, time is really short!


Free game - Let-it-flow
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In this game, correcting what animals done. The farm which is a very warm place someone shuffle entire pipeline, which is but for life in this inhospitable place a must. Assemble all the pipes so that they get little animals and crops. But beware, the more water will leak out of pipes, the less you…

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