Ghosts Stole My PuppyScore game

Free game - Ghosts Stole My Puppy
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This is a great platform game inspired by the movie Ghostbusters. Ghosts stole your puppy and you are giving the house to save him. Along the way you collect various items, for which you get points. Of course you also have to defend themselves to the spirits. Get rid of those as well as in the movie…

Ghost Train Ride

Free game - Ghost Train Ride
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In this game your main task will be to scare the spirits, which you may like children themselves were afraid. You can get them screaming with fear on a crazy rollercoaster. Follow their movement vozíčktu such a speed that your spirits are really worried, but not so furious that killed ...

Defend Your Berry Bones

Free game - Defend Your Berry Bones
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In this game you have to defend the cereal box of goodies from the spirits. When you see the spirit that flies in the box so you have to click on it with the mouse. When your spirit so it will disappear. But beware of ghosts will be much more so you have to be vigilant. Even if it should happen that…

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