The Heist

Free game - The Heist
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You stole a lot of money in the bank and your task is to escape them as soon as possible. But you just got into the car chasing you every police patrol in the area. Hit it into the police cars so that you have destroyed. At the same time try to destroy civilian car. Your friend as soon as possible…

Vengeance Rider

Free game - Vengeance Rider
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Very good game in which catching and disposing of bad guys. Do you have a good sports car where you always catch up and block the bad guy. In the best case, you must destroy them by pushing the car. For every bad guy get damaged points. But if you destroy the other car so you points deducted. And…

Atomic Racer

Free game - Atomic Racer
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In this game you become a hero who has his car, an important task. And catch up truck with nuclear waste, shoot him with a rocket to prevent nuclear catastrophe. But watch out, move on the highway in full operation, where you must avoid other cars and obstacles.

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