Hobo Prison Brawl

Free game - Hobo Prison Brawl
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In the next game, super brutal bully Hobe favorites to get to the prison, where he was bound to implement its behavior. But even here, of course, is no saint, seeking every possible conflict and struggles with each and every. Help him win all his fights.

Hobo 3 - Wanted

Free game - Hobo 3 - Wanted
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Hobo successfully escaped from prison where he had been in the previous part of this brutal war game closed. Now fleeing from justice and fights with every police officer to whom a hit. He uses all his secret weapon and quite disgusting;)

Hobo 4 Total War

Free game - Hobo 4 Total War
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Your goal in the game will beat all the enemies as you build. First, you fight with the soldiers, and later with the civilians. As you move to the next rounds, always get a new combo that makes you stronger. You will also receive a password after a checkpoint through which skip levels already…

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