Jumping up

Free game - Kung Fu Panda: Tigress Jump
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If you know the movie Kung Fu Panda so you do not even represent the tigress. What you're doing, the main task is to pop up as a Chinese lantern. And to get the most points. But be careful you may fall off or the game ends. Control over the mouse is simple but maybe someone will take a while to get…

Bubble Trouble Ice Age

Free game - Bubble Trouble Ice Age
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With another part of the Ice Age is coming to cinemas and other cool game. The main role of the encounter with the squirrel looking for nuts. You can play for a squirrel boy or a beautiful lady, who will be trapped in a bubble, yet they want to route between the dangerous rocks to catch as many…

Pizza Passion

Free game - Pizza Passion
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Racing In this game you help the Italian chefs to get the girl of his dreams. That he is promised to kiss a dream if it makes a perfect pizza. Cook always throw the dough and you have to click on it to not fall, flew up and gathered to themselves all the ingredients. Depending on how things will…


Free game - Platypus
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Jump to your platypus as high. In order to succeed, it is good to capture the right moment when you will have the largest supply of energy and the way to gather food. Keeping the air a little help boost (up arrow).

Reach for the Sky

Free game - Reach for the Sky
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In this game you are in school and other options you are using textbooks. What if you tried them bounce? Try to get the books that fall from the sky as possible. For their efforts, you can get different bonuses to help you get above the clouds.

Intergalactic penguin

Free game - Intergalactic penguin
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Intergalactic penguin je relaxační hra, ve které malý tučňák odlétá do vesmíru a sbírá peníze, poté však padá zpět na zem. Čím více peněz nasbírá, tím více se může na svůj let vybavit. A pak už jen hurá až za hranice naší galaxie.... Hra je snadná na ovládání, vystačíte si pouze s myškou.

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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