Laboratory Papa Smurf

Free game - Laboratory Papa Smurf
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Find out what Papa Smurf in the laboratory has changed and get valuable points. You have to choose from a range of things such as test tube, book, hourglass ...

Dance to it!

Free game - Dance to it!
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Dance to get together with cute Miss Strawberry Shortcake. This game, which is also suitable for the youngest dancers, test your memory. To proceed to the next round and a little girl dancing herky, you need to click on the images in the same order, which will be shown in the template.

Bratz Kidz

Free game - Bratz Kidz
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In this game for girls dress as they like and will not just dress it nicely you dress your doll. After what one of the four young ladies choose, you will be challenged to put it exactly as you show in a moment. In her room is also quite a mess, clothes and accessories so you'll have to look. You…

Pokemon Memory

Free game - Pokemon Memory
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Surely everyone has heard of Pokemon. In this game you kind of have to play Pokemon. Just as you have memory game cards and you'll have to find two the same. If you miss nothing will happen and go on. The main thing is time for you because it will mercilessly short.

Double Bratz

Free game - Double Bratz
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How good your memory? Try it in the classic memory game where two cards each turn and when they are the same images will disappear. When you make a mistake turns itself back. The pictures are waiting for you beautiful dolls Bratz, so it's definitely something to look forward to. The faster you are,…

GoGo Puzzle PetsScore game

Free game - GoGo Puzzle Pets
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Enjoy a different kind of memory game. You will search for pairs of identical images to then disappeared. But here the similarity ends. Images are in several layers and not always just two, but a few (for a pair of different layers get more points). For bad attempts you will additionally read lives.

Barbie MemoZ

Free game - Barbie MemoZ
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Search is always the same two Barbie and her friends in a truly original memory game. At the beginning you'll be able to choose how many cards wishes, and therefore how the game will be difficult. You will not have an opponent against each other, as is the classic memory game, but the bear will…

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