World Strongest Monkey

Free game - World Strongest Monkey
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Attend with your monkey rider competition for the strongest ape in the world. On your gorilla competitor waits several demanding disciplines such as balance, weight lifting, pulling, throwing, .... that verifies your estimation, perception and speed.

Bloons Tower Defense 3

Free game - Bloons Tower Defense 3
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In the game you are attacking with balloons. Do not let them pass routes. Around the tracks you have to trap that balloons did not pass. If the pass for each balloon is the loss of life. If they go through a lot, so the game ends. If you are skilled and cost of toothpaste, you will receive for each…
Free game - Kung Fu Panda: Monkey Run
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If you know the movie Kung - Fu Panda and you certainly do not present this handy monkey. Which in this film he also starred. But it now needs much help from you and it. Help her collect the most points. To do this you will collect balls and lanterns that will lie on the ground. But be careful on…

Monkey go happy 3Score game

Free game - Monkey go happy 3
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The third is another sequel to this unfortunate monkeys, you have to cheer you. Of course, some monkey not laugh mockery but the fulfillment of the task that awaits you in each series of minigames. In this game you load counts clicks, so you have enough time to think. Main in this game is not to be…

Bloons Supermonkey

Free game - Bloons Supermonkey
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In this game you will become superpanem, or rather super-monkeys, and you will be tasked shoot most Blonka inflatable flying from the sky. It's not so hard, because your monkey burns constantly and basically you have a mouse to correct its flight direction and shooting. For each balloon shot down…

Monkey Go Happy 4Score game

Free game - Monkey Go Happy 4
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Now you can show off your art already in the fourth sequel Monkey go happy. Make known monkey and her family all the challenges? But beware, it will not be so simple in this puzzle game you have to correctly reveal what needs to be done, at the least possible mouse clicks!

Monkey go happy 2Score game

Free game - Monkey go happy 2
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It is the continuation of other games where you try to make a small orange monkey happy. The game is based on the fundamental knowledge which will act for every click counts. The aim of this game is to come up to the task that is different in each minigame. The challenge lies in a good observation…

Monkey go happyScore game

Free game - Monkey go happy
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In this hilarious series of minigames to proceed with a second try to cheer monkey. But it's not as simple as monkey rejoice when we'll only task. These tasks are simple rules or have a system that you need to come. Anyway, since this second version differs in that you do not count mouse clicks but…

Monkeys and Bananas

Free game - Monkeys and Bananas
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In this very nice game get in charge of three monkeys, gorilla want to steal as many bananas. They can afford it but only when the gorilla looking. That was why one monkey performs inconvenience to distract her attention. Can you use the right moments and at a specified time to steal as many bananas…

Banana Monkey

Free game - Banana Monkey
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In this game you control a little monkey that collects your favorite bananas. The problem is that the dangerous snakes crawling everywhere. How many bananas can you collect before any of snake bites?

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