Monster Truck

Truck Launch ManiacScore game

Free game - Truck Launch Maniac
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This game involves grabbing points, but watch out points will occupy the truck. Track is very slow at the beginning and it will be able to start as much as you've gotten as far in the game and collected the most points. The points you collect just as you loaded mile up to it that every time you…

Dune Buggy

Free game - Dune Buggy
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Dune Buggy is a great racing game in which you become Bugatti drivers terrain. Drive through untouched nature and collect as many stars, but watch out, because of the danger lurking everywhere.
Free game - Monster Truck Demolisher
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Demolisher Monster Truck racing is a classic game in which you must be as fast as possible and also to destroy as many obstacles. And because it has the subtitle "Demolisher", your priority will be to destroy the other cars. For speed of course also get points, but not so much.

Monster Truck ManiacScore game

Free game - Monster Truck Maniac
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One of the older games where you have to get away with a car on the track. The main task is to get the car to the track as far as possible and that you got as far as you ride the bomb. Each bomb gets you on and on but watch out for mud, in which mud is very easy to get stuck, or at least slow down.

Top Truck

Free game - Top Truck
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At the beginning of the game you select one of three monster trucks. Then embark on the track and dispose of everything you will stand in your way. But beware, you must be careful that you do not topple, because after the game ends. You also need to pay attention to the time limit, if it can do…

Monster Truck Maniac 2

Free game - Monster Truck Maniac 2
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Continuing the successful game Maniac Monster Truck 1 has been very popular. Again, you can try to fulfill the mission and how far you get with your car. The game is to maximize the number of points. And that's the way it is with your car you need to get away on the track. But beware that you could…

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